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HIV infection is said to have started more than 70 million people worldwide have been infected with HIV and more than 35 million people have died because of this disease (Data given by World Health Organisation). Many organisations and individuals all over the world are researching on how to get protection and cure from HIV. PGSPL has done years of research, under the research project named EradicateHIV, on the oldest menthod used for the protection of HIV - circumcision (Used effectively by WHO in underdeveloped countries to effectively prevent the spread of HIV). EradicateHIV research today has achieved conclusive results as to why and how circumcision provides effective protection from HIV. At the same time EradicateHIV research has also established that circumcision can help in the cure of HIV.

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It idea behind EradicateHIV research was to bring out reason why circumcision has been so effective in preventing the spread of HIV. It has been seen that even though circumcision has been implemented widly in underdeveloped countires as protection from HIV, the people in the developed countries in in denial of the benefits of circumcision. Over the years many researchers and research organisations have proved the benefits of circumcision, but there was a grey area that exsisted between these research and how circumcision prevented diseases like HIV from infecting human beings. EradicateHIV research intended to fill this void and bring out conclusive and scientific evidence as to how circumision can prevent diseases like HIV and also help in the cure of the same.

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Circumcision is the most misinterpreted and misunderstood cure of HIV in the history of medicine.

HIV was discovered by Robert Gallo and Luc Montagnier independently with research started in 1983 with is stated in the and the virus named 'HIV' in the year 1986. This study was a conclusion of the research that had been started after AIDS was first identified in USA in 1981. Since then nany reserchers and research organisations had been working on how to get protection and cure from HIV and its resultant disease, the deadly AIDS category diseases. C. Zhang and S. Zhou with other scientist discovered in 2015 that HIV spread by infecting the CD4 cells in the human body.L. Kumaranayake and C Watts in a book published in 2001 stated that there are many people who are unaware that they are infected with HIV and live their whole life taking medicines for resultant diseases. This is because there was no effective menthod of detecting HIV.

In the year 2007 World Health Organisation declared that, WHO and UNAIDS announce recommendations from expert consultation on male circumcision for HIV prevention. In 2009 N. Siegfried, M. Muller along with others stated that Male circumcision for prevention of heterosexual acquisition of HIV in men. In the year 2011 J. N. Krieger mentions in his article "Male circumcision and HIV infection risk" that male circumcision reduces the risk of HIV infection. But many resarchers like H. Kim, P. S. Li questioned into the fact as to how circumcision can prevent HIV infection. The doubt regarding the effectiveness of circumcision was so big that researchers like Micah Jacobs and Richard Grady with many others declared that circumcision has no medical value.

Now a person will find that this is a very interesting situation that Health Organisations like the World Health Organisation are using circumcision to effectively protect people from HIV infection and there are researchers that support this claim. The decision was made after performing three controlled trials in South Africa, Kenya and Uganda in 1986, wherein it was proved beyond a doubt that the circumcised group had a lower rate of HIV contraction than the control group. While on the other hand some researchers say that circumcision has no medical benefits.

This confusion is till previlent. While the health organisations like WHO and other researchers support and promote circumcision, there are some researchers who are totally against the procedure and also widly publish articles against circumcision.

This totally diverse view of researchers regarding circumcision prompted PGSPL to do research into the benefits of circumcision. This is how EradicateHIV Resarch was started in 2007.

EradicateHIV research began by seeking information about how the earlier researchers proved that circumcision prevented HIV infection. It was found that most of the researchers concentrated on the skin over the glans that was cut during the circumcision to prove the benefits of circumcision, while some concentrated on the area between the skin and the glans. These are significant in the process of HIV infection. But EradicateHIV research found that the glan that was covered with the skin is the main cause of infection.

That is the reason today we are looking at those who are infected with HIV and all the other who are likely to get infected, to promote the use of the findings of EradicateHIV research to protect the uninfected. In this way the other medical researchers can continue doing their research and people can be protected from HIV patients side by side.

It was found that the skin that covered the glan kept the glan from developing completely. By the term developing completely means that every part of the human body is developed completely will a skin on the outside to be protected from the elements. But the glans were the only part in the human body that remained underdeveloped ie. it did not have a skin over it to protect in from the elements and entry of microorganisms into the body. And once these microorgainism enter the glans they fall on directly on to the CD4 cells that is waiting in huge numbers and the HIV mircoorganism invades the CD4 cell and begins the process of infection.

It is due to this underdeveloped glans that the skin and the space between the glans and the skin had become a source infection as discovered by N. Siegfried, M. Muller, J. N. Krieger and other. It is due to non clarity about the status of the glans that the confusion regarding the benefits of circumcision was obscured. But by this discovery made by EradicateHIV research each and every person can now confirm that circumcision gives 100% protection from HIV. Because any uncircumcised person can see that the glans are underdeveloped and have developed only to the extend of muscle structure and there is no skin over it.

EradicateHIV research found that the underdeveloped glans developed only after circumcision was done. It is only after circumcision was done that a skin grew up on the underdeveloped glans. This skin prevented the microorganisms like HIV from entering the human body.

EradicateHIV research in coordination with various medical organisations did a survey on the people who had been infected by HIV and found that 100% the persons infected sexually transmission were not circumcised. This research was done on 10000 random people and the sample contained people from different walks of life and with diverse health and occupational status.

EradicateHIV research also researched those people who had been infected by blood transfusion or by birth etc. and found that 20% people among them who had been circumcised, showed greater resistance to spread of HIV in their body and also responded more positively to HIV medications. It was concluded that circumcision developed a resistance to the spread of HIV in the human body.

EradicateHIV reasearch also found that just like the benefits of circumcision is prominant in the males, in the same manner the benefits of circumcision is also very relevent in female. Among the 10000 people random people surveyed for HIV transmission by sexual transmission as mentioned above 25% were females and none of them had been circumcised. And among the 20% of the people who had been circumcised and was infected by other sources 50% were female and they too showed resistance to spread of HIV in their body.

The people who have done related research with regard to benefits of Circumcision are N. Siegfried, M. Muller, J. N. Krieger, Lewis Sayre, Jonathan Hutchinson, Peter Charles Remondino, M. C. Alanis, R. S. Lucidi, J. J. Deeks, J. Volmink, O. A. Uthman, T. A. Popoola, M. M. Uthman, O. Aremu, Baal Van, H. M. Pieter, H. A. Weiss, K. E. Dickson, K. Agot, C. A. Hankins, N. Larke, Albero, Rehmeyer, Y. P. Zhu, Z. W. Jia, B. Dai, D. W. Ye, Y. Y. Kong, K. Chang, Y. Wang, S. L. Thomas, Santos Silva I. Dos, S. K. Munabi, R. J. Hayes, C. M. Wetmore, L. E. Manhart, J. N. Wasserheit, D. J. Templeton, G. A. Millett GA, A. E. Grulich, S. A. Flores, G. Marks, J. B. Reed, J. H. Herbst, Y. Hayashi, Y. Kojima, K. Mizuno, K. Kohri, G. Moreno, J. Corbalán, B. Peñaloza, T. Pantoja, W. Hay, M. Levin, M. Leber, A. Tirumani, V. Osipov, S. Acker, I. A. Aridogan, V. Izol, M. Ilkit, Y. Hayashi, Y. Kojima, K. Mizuno, M. C. G. Bleeker, D. A. M. Heideman, P. J. F. Snijders, S. Horenblas, J. Dillner, C. J. L. M. Meijer, N. Pabalan, E. Singian, H. Jarjanazi, A. Paganini-Hill, Y. D. Li, Y. Teng, Y. Dai, H. Ding among others. Some of the works of these authors will be discussed in other issues.

EradicateHIV reseach intends that each and every person in the world get protection from HIV such that HIV infection is completely eradicated. PGSPL wants each person in the world to paint the possibiliy of a future without HIV.

EradicateHIV reseach evidently concludes that circumcision is the most effective way of preventing HIV infection. It is also plays an important part in the process of cure of HIV. Circumcision has the capacity of eradicating HIV from the face of the Earth completely.

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