EradicateHIV Research - A division of PGSPL - Breakthroughs beyond horizons

The goal of EradicateHIV reasearch is to bring out the fact that Circumcision can very effectively control, regulate and eradicate HIV from the face of earth by providing a detailed analysis of clear links featured by the structure, underdevelopment and vunerablity of the glans. The analysis done by EradicateHIV Research clearly indentifies the inherent properties of glans and links them to the advantages, opportunity and favorable conditions offered to HIV, and through this to the suffering HIV creates within human beings. The findings of EradicateHIV Research can be led to conclude that Circumcision is very important for effective protection from HIV but it is difficult to overcome the common perception towards it. The dominance, reliability and trust on medicines which has been highly evident in almost all countries all over the world, appears to eliminate any chances of using an effective but unconventional technique for protection from HIV. Medical research having large budgets, with very long time frame and unknown risk factors form a major part of research with regard to HIV. However, while research in medicines, deep study of HIV and ongoing experimentation attempt to find a protection, treatment and cure for HIV, they seem to be unlikely to become successful on their own.

EradicateHIV Research - A division of PGSPL - Breakthroughs beyond horizons

EradicateHIV Research conducted a indepth and compartive analysis of research on HIV treatment, from which they evaluated the beneficial properties of treatments that cover a unidirectional reserach, support healthy comparisions and faciliate implementations across geographic boundaries. Although many of the properties that were identified greatly resemble the attribution that is used currently for the treatment of HIV, the adaptation of circumcision to the benefits of the treatment cannot be ignored. Many of the reasearch processes do not even lead to the same direction of finding a complete treatment for HIV, when one would consider them on a individual basis. In doing so EradicateHIV Research were able to bring out great obscurity in the great variations between the research processes within the same line of reasearch, which creates different types of problems line of research is not influenced by adherance to beneficial properties but by adherance to unique properties specific to the respective research process from which an number of side effects emerge.

A clear link between Circumcision and HIV conditions can be made using an additional step that links circumcision to the eradication of HIV and from there questioning how similar conditions that can be achieved by current medical research. By using this additional step there is a huge reduction in the complexity, which is mainly because of the emphisis on benefits to human beings. This factor may get more complicated if all the resulting side effects are taken into account, specifically if side effects known and unknown that are provided by the said research are included.

The research done by EradicateHIV Research is more of explorative in nature and has great scope of extension due to the great scope that is available with respect to circumcision. The most critical limitation is that not a single research facility is doing any research in this direction. With the prevalance of this critical limitation, it cannot be assumed that the framework used in the EradicateHIV Research would be exhausive with regard to circumcision, HIV condtions and eradiction of HIV. There is greater scope in extending this research on the basis of more research from different disciplines, with more medical investigation conducted under wider scope for eradication of HIV and more comparisions between circumcision and other medical procedures working towards the same goal.

Another important limitation which looks like it is more difficult to be resolved, is the procedure of conducting circumcision. This is an important condition in research that is based on three factors, ie. the uncertainities involved in the procedure of circumcision, mindset of the specific communities and moniary expectation of certain sections of the society. This research should ideally should include a simple process of selecting the right treatment process, calculate the procedure of implementation of the same and get a clear picture of the outcomes. However EradicateHIV Research found that there was a common reluctance among people and even the medical ferternity to fully share the right information about circumcision. EradicateHIV Research sees this as a difficult problem to resolve.

EradicateHIV Research hereby claims, that the benefits of circumcision that has been discovered are scientifically, medically and humanly relevent because they prevent HIV at the very initial stage of infection that link HIV entering into the human body, a steady influx of chemicals into the human body and the side effects that happens in the human body. Changes in the medical regulations affect the level of implementation of circumcision, which requires the analysis of the medical regulations for wider adaptation.

While circumcision may improve overall human health, protection from HIV and help in cure of HIV, a standardised procedure of performing circumcision can prevent some communities from accepting the same. EradicateHIV Research includes what can be said to be planned discoveries - discoveries that is required for influencing the community at large. A greater part of the the reseach done by EradicateHIV Research require conditions that cannot be achieved by standardised implementation. It also cannot be achieved by repeated implementation because of the mentality of the people. As an analysis of this research the EradicateHIV Researchers state that,"The biggest threat to effective medication is increase in monetary, competitive and repitative based research that is encourged at the expense of welfare of human beings".

The important weak point of the glans of transition from muscle structure to fully developed skin structure appears to the major factor contributing the passage of the virions of HIV into the body. In this situation, circumcision - a medical procedure that offers completion of development of the skin structure that will remain effective throughout the lifetime of a person constitute a medical discovery that increases the posibility of eradication of HIV. Circumcision is not only preventing HIV but also allowing people to experience sexual pleasure for the first time, which has sparked great interest in a number of communities.

The limited scope of EradicateHIV Research, which is limted to finding a effective protection and cure for HIV, does not support a comprehensive investigation into the enhancement of sexual pleasure caused by circumcision, they have associated the effect to the presence of skin that has the sensations for experiencing sexual pleasure and the answers to the big questions like,"Does a person who is not circumcised experience no sexual pleasure?", would require a detailed research that can be clearly expected to fall in the 'biggest breakthrough' category. Such a research would have predominant properties, which can easily translate to create a favorable condition for lucarative funding and get many other benefits.

Circumcision shares a feature with almost all communities since many years. It is recommmeded in most of the communities but it is not effectively implemented in some as in others. It was based on the fact that the glans are the only part in the human body that is underdeveloped and does not have skin structure, more general, its development stopped at the level of muscle structure. It thereby has a standard of vunerablity that is not available on any part of the human body. The comprehensive effect of this standard of vunerablity is not clear, but limited to the fact that the virions of HIV enter the human body through the glans. This unique standard of vunerablity has the potential to promote a line of research that is currently not common in the medical ferternity. The change that would be brought about by the extent of this line of research on medical sciences is yet to be seen. It would also be interesting to unravel the kind of knowledge that will be generated by this line of research. It is highly possible that quality funding will be available for this exceptional line of research so as to enable a transition of interdisciplinary benefits to various fields of medical sciences.

With regard to EradicateHIV Research, it can be effectively stressed that there is a strong connecion between circumcision and eradication of HIV, which provides a effective link between features of human body and medical sciences. This also provides both these factors to move along a parallel framework for comprehensive analysis of research in different faculties of medical sciences and greatly impact the medical industry with the results of this reserch. EradicateHIV Researchers think that these two factors can be used to create a common ground between human beings, nature and bioscience and resolve the interesting, unique and diverse differences between them.

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