Date Published - 2016-06-12 | Date Modified - 2017-06-24

HIV Cure Project - Cure from HIV Infection

Date Published - 2016-06-26 | Date Modified - 2017-06-24

As EradicateHIV researchers was searching through the findings of earliers researchers on HIV some years ago we noticed that there was this HIV patient who had completely recovered from HIV. His name is Timothy Ray Brown and he is known to be the first HIV patient to be cured from HIV. He is also known as the Berlin Patient.

HIV Cure Project - Cure from HIV Infection

It was concluded by other medical reseachers that reason for the cure is the missing cell receptor in the donor from whom Timothy got the stem cell transplant to cure his leukemia. But the researchers were not able to replicate the success because the conclusion they came to was not correct.

In all the people who are infected with HIV, it is common knowledge that the HIV grows only inside the CD4 cells. EradicateHIV research found back in 2013, that the virions of HIV do not invade certain CD4 cells as in the case of Timothy, due to certain reasons.

It is very fortunate for human beings, that this process can be replicated under controlled conditions, under the supervision of expert doctors and with the right treatment, can be used to cure HIV. Many strains of HIV can be cured with this process of treatment. There is a great possibility that people who are suffering from HIV infection can eliminate HIV from their bodies completely, to such an extent that they can be cured of HIV, just like Timothy.

However the whole process of implemention of this treatment is a great challenge as it would mean, in other words, it is so risky that it can be compared to killing the person and making him alive again. Medications for HIV work by stopping the virions of HIV from invading a new CD4 cell. But since there are already very less CD4 cells in the body of the person infected with HIV, it would be very dangerous to alter those few CD4 cell also.

Since this whole process of cure is done by medications, it would be easy to do it in a sterile environment of the hospital because there the patient gets access to emergency medical services and equipments and expert doctors can control the whole process of the treatment. EradicateHIV research found that by enforcing a strict regimen of drugs and treatment procedure the HIV patients can remove all the HIV from their body. In this process the entire environment and the staff treating the HIV patient will become a part of the body of the HIV patient and will act together to get him / her cured.

In 2013 EradicateHIV research delivered the good news that it has discovered the exact reason why Timothy was cured from HIV.

EradicateHIV research is has already implemented this research on HIV infected men and women and all of them have been cured of HIV. But due to the complexity of the process it is still being reserched upon to make the process more safer.

EradicateHIV research uses circumcision to break the cycle of infection during this method. Circumcision very efficently stops the process of invasion of the virions into the human body. At the same time it stablises the immune system of the patient by blocking all the microorganisms that infect the body through the underdeveloped head of the penis in male and the underdeveloped clitoris in female. The human body stops from becoming a war zone of microorganisms and CD4 cells becomes completely stable. This helps the body to concentrate on the elimination of HIV. Further it is also required when the alteration in CD4 is caused.

The patients who were cured of HIV have shown no signs of a relapse since 3 years from 2014 to 2017. They are not taking any kind of medication and their CD4 cells count is also normal.

It is observed that the patients who were cured show no signs of HIV just like Timothy, and also show no sign of transmission of HIV.

All the drugs used in this process of treatment are approved drugs and the only addition is process of circumcision which acts as a controller of invasion of microorganisms into the human body. It was also observed that all the drugs used in this process had severe side effects but it is only circumcision that did not have any side effects.

The most important factor about this method of cure is that it is a one time process and the entire control of the treatment lies in the hands of the doctors who does the process of treatment and medical dosages can be adjusted from patient to patient. After the treatment the patient does not have to eat any drugs or medication and can lead a normal life just like any other uninfected person.

EradicateHIV research has it main focus on the eradication of HIV, so as to make the quality of life of those who are infected with HIV and those who are not infected with HIV, better. With this process of cure, which is risky yet successful in eradication of many strands of HIV, but it can save HIV infected today and as experts work on this method it is possible that the process can be controled to such an extend that the risk involved is reduced to a great extend.

We have more people like Timothy, who are already cured from HIV but only in clinical trials, it would be only in due time that this process could be implemented on a wide scale and each and every person infected with HIV becomes cured. EradicateHIV Research looks forward to a world where not a single person dies because of any diseaes caused by HIV.

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