HIV test fails - Wrong conclusions, wrong testing method

Date Published - 2016-06-06 | Date Modified - 2017-06-24
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Till date all the tests for HIV can be summarized under three main types:
1) Antibody detection test
2) Antibody and antigen detection test
3) Nucleic acid tests

HIV test fails - Wrong conclusions, wrong testing method

Before going into details of these tests it is important to note that HIV shows no symptoms. The HIV does not damage, destroy or otherwise multiply in the body fluids.

The HIV grows inside the CD4 cell and dies with the cell. But matured HIV inside the cell can sprew particles called virions into the blood and other body fluids.

Virions are very very small inactive and immobile particles that when it gets attached to the CD4 cell becomes activated and then invades the CD4 cell and grows into a HIV.

So there is no test that can detect the HIV nor the virions of HIV as of now, till date.

So if there is a possibility that you have been infected by HIV, you will have to wait for the HIV to do enough harm to your body so that one of the AIDS category disease infect you. And then you can detect AIDS and through AIDS detection using one of the above methods, you will realize that you are infected by HIV.

Still let us look into the tests that are available for HIV.

Antibody detection

This is the most common testing method and are available in self testing kits and quick tests.

What this test does is it checks the blood and body fluids for antibodies which the body is supposed to create in response to the HIV infection.

But as mentioned before the body does not come to know when the HIV infects because it does not leave any traces. HIV is not detected by the body, the body creates no antibodies for HIV, hence this test is useless against HIV.

This test tests for something that does not exist and will never exist as the body does not detect the presence of HIV, or else the body itself could have easily eliminated the HIV or atlest created more CD4 cells if it had realised that the a HIV has grown in a CD4 cell and that particular CD4 cell is no longer active.

But this tests can be used to detect the AIDS category disease that manifests symptoms and antibodies.

Antibody and Antigen detection tests.

This test is a combination of the above mentioned Antibody detection test and Antigen Detection test. Antigen means parts of the virus structure but it does not mean virions because they are not part of the HIV structure and they cannot be color coded as they are completely inactive and immoble, just like seeds.

In this test again as mentioned above no antibody is created by the body against HIV. Similarly finding HIV antigens is also next to impossible because HIV cannot survive in blood, HIV can only grow inside the CD4 cell.

So if any antigen, which means a part of the virus, is found in the body it means that the something might have caused the CD4 cell in which the HIV had grown and the HIV parts were exposed as the CD4 cell disintegrated. This would definitely indicate the presence of HIV but such a thing would happen in the very later stages of HIV infection because CD4 cells are known to have long lives.

Further if a person is on antiretroviral drugs and the virions of HIV would be destroyed while becoming active and infecting a new CD4 cell then we will have antigens that activated virion of HIV in blood but it is very rare for people to take antiretroviral drugs before the tests.

Thus the second method testing in this test though it may not be very effective to prove that HIV has infected the body at the early stages but it can prove there can be an infection.

But both these tests can be used to detect AIDS category diseases as in these diseases there blood or other body fluids will be filled with antibodies and antigens.

Nucleic acid amplification tests

This test screens the blood to see if HIV is present in the blood. As said above HIV cannot survive in blood, so this tests cannot find HIV in the blood. If it finds some dead HIV it would be only in the later stages after the body is infected by HIV for a long time. Conversely since HIV grows inside the CD4 cell there is no way that HIV virus can be found in the blood.

So even the third test would be able to prove HIV only in the very late stage of the HIV infection.

Almost all these tests are followed up by more tests to prove the earlier results but since the test most of the test have the ability to detect the presence of HIV only in the later stages of HIV infection, even doing a followup test is not bound not do any benefit. It will show the same or similar inaccurate figures.

It is dangerous to do these test as they will make a perfectly normal man into a HIV positive individual. And at the same time a HIV positive individual will find it hard to prove that he / she is infected by the HIV virus and will keep searching for cures for the HIV infection as these tests will be able to prove that infection only at the later stages of the infection.

All the do-it-at-home tests are based on antibody detection which as mentioned above is impossible, and completely useless as no antibody is created by the body against HIV in the earlier stages, in the middle stages or even in the later stages. So by wasting money on using something that is totally ineffective in proving that you are infected by HIV or not, would not be advisable.

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