HIV Education - Teach Effective All round Control of HIV

Date Published - 2017-08-06 | Date Modified - 2017-06-24
HIV Education - Teach Effective All round Control of HIV, Eradicate HIV, EradicateHIV research, AIDS, Female Circumcision, Male Circumcision, FGM, hoodectomy, clitoral unhooding, labiaplasty.

To prevent the transmission of HIV, the approach adopted, as a result of using circumcision can be best demostrated by referrence to successful tests carried out using circumcision as protection against HIV.

HIV Education - Teach Effective All round Control of HIV

In an effort to respond to the rapid spread of HIV among people in Africa, which was easily controlled by circumcision and it is also an acknowledgement that for the effectiveness for any strategy that is aimed at using circumcision there should be proper and cooperation across all levels of government, people, medical organisations, pharmaceutical companies and medical practitioners.

Among holistic approach which is incorporated in the strategies against HIV, circumcision qualifies as the best method of prevention and treatment of HIV. EradicateHIV research have shown new benefits accrued by circumcision, advantages and aquisition of immunity towards HIV infection.

Constructing an Health Mental Viewpoint

Some of the efforts to discredit circumcision include

1. Access to wrong and misguiding medical research against circumcision.

2. Increase in number of books published against circumcision giving public visibility against circumcision.

3. Accessability to actual research regarding the benefits of circumcision completely terminated.

4. The quality of coverage given to circumcision, as a non beneficial and religious practice was enough to convince the people against circumcision.

5. The personal confirmation given publically by esteemed medical authorities, authenticating false research.

6. The taking up of circumcision as a human rights violation by human rights activists.

7. The formation of anti-circumcision groups creating more claims for stopping of the process of circumcision.

8. The medical organisations having consultations with doctors to discredit circumcision.

9. Expansion of the definination of Female Gential Mutilation to cover female circumcision and then working towards banning both procedures.

10. Formation of specialist health services offering circumcision at very high charges.

11. Campaign against circumcision aimed at people, who use circumcision for protection from various diseases.

Creating support

Before HIV became a panademic, circumcision had been very maginalized and strangled socially and legally. This had facilitated the faster spread of the HIV to such an extend that organisations like World Health Organisation (WHO) were forced to implement circumcision in under developed countries like Africa to curtail the spread of HIV. The spread of HIV made the governments of these countries to reviews its laws regarding circumcision.

There was a concenses that the criminalisation of circumcision would drive it underground which makes it more difficult to perform the procedure safely and lead to increase in casualities. The access to the medical practitioners for the safe performance of the process of circumcision would start to become difficult. The leaders of nations were aware that the common man had complete knowledge of the benefits of circumcision and that the profound hammering of the negative promotion of circumcision has had very little impact on common people.

With this fact in mind a number of recommendations were suggested including:

1. Making law around circumcision elective and also giving parental rights for performing circumcision on own or adopted children.

2. Opposition to mandatory checking of individuals if they are circumcisied or not.

3. Use of medical and legal laws to perform circumcisied by qualified surgeons, doctors, midwives etc.

4. Legistative prohibition of the evidentary use of circumcision for any parental or human rights offences.

5. Enacting the codes for the procedure of circumcision to be done that clearly demarks circumcision from Female Gential Mutilation.

6. Deeming that circumcision provides immunity from HIV and other Sexually transmitted diseases.

7. No special offences for parents, doctors or other health professionals for performing the procedure of circumcision.

Most of these recommendations are still pending to be enacted, while some have been enacted in statues by a number of different jurisdictions. It is really unfortunate for people infected with HIV and all those people potentially exposed to HIV infection that a number of countries still criminalise many aspects of circumcision.

Recent negative developments have included the formulation and adoption of stricter codes of practice on female circumcision in various countries and some countries are even planning on banning male circumcision. These negative developments make circumcision look like a criminal offence. These encourage the people who believe in the medical benefits of circumcision to perform the procedure under unhygenic and unscientific conditions. There is no requirement for the practice of circumcision to be performed in such a manner.

Some organisation that support circumcision have adopted an approach of support and collaboration with parents who would like to get their children circumcisied in order to encourage the adoption of safe circumcision procedure. This collaboration has facilitated to create confidence in both the parents of children and the doctors which has resulted in safe performance of the procedure of circumcision. A number of positive interactions have been faciliated utilizing the fact that circumcision is an important surgicial procedure in the life of a child. These interactions have resulted in the development of the painless procedures of both male circumcision and female circumcision and both the procedure can now be done without anesthia, or by minimal local anesthia. This collaboration cannot be used in many countries where such a collaboration is used by the police to gain convicions against people who circumcise their children.

A number of organisations supporting circumcision have been successful in getting the governments of various countries liaison the laws of their countries in such a manner to include circumcision. These laws are made in coordination of the issues faced by the performance of circumcision and they act as a point of understanding between the legal system and the people performing the procedure of circumcision. These organisations supporting circumcision have taken this activity further by undertaking efforts to train the government officials to educate them about circumcision and dispel any myths they have regarding circumcision.

The variety of education and support provided by these organisations supporting circumcision has created a understanding where the parents intenting to perform circumcision and the person performing the procedure of circumcision feel empowered to access up-to-date and accurate information regarding circumcision.

Not all organisations supporting circumcision are able to promote circumcision as they would like due to lack of understanding, but the variety of information regarding circumcision provided by them would fall under the following categories:

1. Health.

a. Information on how Circumcision gives protection from HIV and other STDs.

b. Information for performing circumcision safely, painlessly and with minimal risk.

c. Information and supply of various specialized divices, methods, procedures and instruments for a painless, bloodless and safe circumcision for both men and women.

d. Informative workshops for common people, medical organisations, activitists etc.

e. Creating awareness among common people as to the importance of circumcision.

2. Medical procedure and safety.

a. Providing up to date information regarding latest medical and safety procedure for circumcision.

b. Detailed list of countries where circumcision is allowed and where it is disallowed.

c. Providing the nearest medical practitioner doing circumcision and getting referrals for getting circumcision done professionally and officially.


a. Education on laws affecting circumcision.

b. Guidance to legal and planning bodies if required.


a. Counselling for parents and also for doctors and even medical organisation.

b. handling emergency or crisis created by anti circumcision campaigners and other anti circumcision individuals.

c. Support for getting circumcision performed and getting the necessary paperwork for the same.

5. Education

a. In the form of newsletters, periodicals, magazines and other media publicity.

b. Printed media for parents intenting to perform circumcision, individuals intenting to perform circumcision and for doctors performing circumcision.

c. Maintaining and providing access to library services for people and medical professionals.

d. Maintaining and updating websites with information regarding circumcision.

e. Creating videos regarding circumcision and its benefits.

6. Fiscal

a. Fixing the charges of circumcision such that it is easily available for common man.

b. Providing referrals to medical professional with regard to the charges they agree to for performing circumcision.

Strengthening the common man

The practice of circumcision exsisted in a number of countries prior to World War II and before the HIV infection spread. This has provided a framework for the reimplementation of the circumcision procedure for HIV prevention and protection programs. The governments of most of the countries already have the complete procedure for the funding of various organisations for enhanced ablility for implementation of circumcision through out the nation using those old means and methods.

Specially targeted strategies made and used with the confirmation that circumcision has to be done on a nationwide level and should penetrate into every group. For example a nationwide project should be made targeting those people who think that sexual relationship is adverserly affected by circumcision. A resouce kit should be prepared for the service providers, which should include research based information on issues facing the beliefs of the people, a discussion that would clearly state that it is only after circumcision that a male or female person can actually enjoy a sexual relationship and an examination into the fact that only after the growth of the skin the person can feel any kind of sexual stimulation.

Resources aimed at the beliefs of the people contain detailed booklets covering:

1) How the formation of skin after circumcision gives the first feeling of sexual contact?

2) How the formation of the skin after circumcision keeps the head of the penis in male and the clitoris in female in shape?

3) How without circumcision the head of the penis in male and the clitoris in female are underdeveloped muscle structure?

4) How people who are uncircumcised can only experience pain as sexual stimulation and cannot feel touch due to lack of skin?

5) How the underdeveloped muscle of uncircumcised head of the penis in male and the clitoris in female absorbs body fluids, even urine?

6) How formation of the skin can prevent microorganisms and virions of viruses like HIV from entering the male and female body?

7) How male circumcision and female circumcision are the most advanced form of vaccination against HIV and many other STD, and even modern science cannot develop a vaccine that is anywhere equivalant to circumcision?

8) How male circumcision and female circumcision can not only protect people from HIV but also can be used for treatment of HIV as it stops the spread of HIV and also stablises CD4 count in HIV patients?

9) How male circumcision and female circumcision creates immunity against HIV and other Sexually transmitted diseases?

10) How male circumcision and female circumcision can be used to eradicate HIV by 2017, without any side-effects?

Video and audio versions produced to compliment with the written material such that even illiterate people can understand the importance of circumcision. All these produced in versions that would cater to people of different countries and speaking different languages.

One of the important and innovative approach undertaken is educating people to check for visiable signs regarding circumcision to understand that circumcision has been done in the right manner. This intervention was put into place based on the practice which was occurring prior to World War II. Booklets are produced with detailed photographs about the procedure of circumcision, its benefits and the process of healing. Poster versions also created to create more awareness regarding circumcision. The thought process behind indentifying the visible signs of circumcision is to asscertain that the procedure is done in the right manner, neither too less to render the process useless nor too much that it becomes Genital Mutilation. This becomes the first point of intervention to asertain that the medical practitioner performing circumcision is doing it in the right way. The organisations supporting circumcision developed policies to explain to the people on why circumcision is far better than use of condoms or even drugs available for HIV and other Sexually transmited diseases.

The information has to be disseminated using pre-existing networks such that the common man who lives in the cities and villages finds it easy to understand, accept, see value and undergo circumcision.

Most of the print media produced by the organisations supporting circumcision include such information that are gender specific, work place oriented, location of their residence etc. knowing the fact that the understanding levels of these people would be different.

Seeing the need for painless and bloodless circumcision many techinques and methods have been developed through the collaboration of private companies in different countries.

Developing Skills

Education programs has provided a gateway for passing on knowledge and empowering common people to understand the importance of circumcision as compared to various means and methods for prevention and protection from HIV. It gives them the knowledge of how one can get protection from HIV and at the same time a person infected with HIV can use circumcision to control the spread of HIV in his / her body and also at the same time stablises the CD4 count.

Organisations supporting circumcision have also developed promotional training workshops for people who are completely unaware of circumcision covering all the aspects of circumcision as well as its advantages to increase the scope of the benefits of circumcision. These also include working with restrictive legistlations of certain countries, removing stigma regarding circumcision from the minds of people, understanding the discipline of the anti-circumcision activists and bursting the fantasy bubble created by uncircumcised people.

The Guidance program conducted by the organisations supporting circumcision aims to provide support for those people who want to undergo circumcision for themselves or their children. This program guides the person about how to get circumcision done and where it can be done. It facilitates the performance of circumcision and also helps develop and enhance more schemes for promotion and guidance for circumcision.

Health Services

The intervention by organisations supporting circumcision by giving the right to claim partial or full refunds for circumcision procedure for the person who undergoes circumcision has a great impact on the cost of performing circumcision.

Many anonymous and free circumcision camps with pre and post care for persons undergoing circumcision has enabled people to easily become circumcisied.

Before World War II the percentage of people undergoing circumcision all over the world was 90% but after World War II the percentage has steadly decreased and today in 2017 it the percentage stands at less than 50%. And today we see these more than 50% uncircumcised people are infected diseases like HIV and other Sexually transmitted diseases.

Many organisations supporting circumcision have developed guidelines for increasing and maintaining the percentage of circumcision among people. These guidelines give detail as to how the promotional training workshops should be implemented, what these promotional and guidance program should concentrate on.

Development of promotional and guidance program for school children, whether they are circumcisied or not.


Many governments of different countries are not in favor of circumcision and have not adopted the recommendations regading circumcision which has made it more difficult to successfully implement the procedure of circumcision.

The success of promotional and guidance programs for circumcision show better acceptance and outcomes when circumcision is decriminalized and people have personal right and choice for performing circumcision for themselves and their children.

HIV Education - Teach Effective All round Control of HIV

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