FAQ of EradicateHIV Research - Get your queries answered

Date Published - 2017-11-25 | Date Modified - 2017-11-25

Our fight is against HIV, our fight is to stop HIV, our fight is eradicate HIV, for whom? For every individual who is infected with HIV and for every individual who can be infected with HIV.

FAQ of EradicateHIV Research - Get your queries answered

1) Does the EradicateHIV research has the potential to completely eradicate HIV?

Yes EradicateHIV research on proper implementation can completely eradicate HIV from the face of the earth, by making the virions of HIV fall off outside the human body and stopping its transmission.

2) Has the EradicateHIV research reached conclusive evidence?

Yes, the EradicateHIV research has reached conclusive evidence and has a 100% guaranteed process of eradicating HIV.

3) Does the process make any use of medication or medical treatment?

No, the process does not use any kind of medication but uses the simple and minor surgical procedure of circumcision for the prevention and protection of each and every person on the surface of the earth from HIV.

4) Is the process used by EradicateHIV research tested over a period of time?

Yes, the EradicateHIV research has been working on this process since 2007 and we have 100% success in achieving protection from the HIV. Not a single male or female that was part of the research have been infected with the HIV. Further more this technique has been in use since 3000 years and non of the people who used this technique of circumcision ever acquired HIV.

5) The process used by EradicateHIV research, is it natural?

Yes. The process used by the EradicateHIV research is completely natural is also very simple to use and very effective against HIV infection.

6) How does the process used in EradicateHIV research work?

The process used in EradicateHIV research works by eliminating the first source of entry of the virions of HIV into the human body such that they fall outside the human body without being able to invade the CD4 cell. Circumcision completes the development of the human being male and female. The whole human body is covered with skin except for the head of the penis in male and the clitoris in female. This forms the entry point for the virions of HIV. It is the prepuce ie. the forskin of the head of the penis and the hood of the clitoris that stops the formation of skin on the head of the penis in male and the clitoris respectively. Circumcision removes the prepuce and completes the development of the human body whereby a skin is grown on the head of the penis and the clitoris. This stops the entry of the virions of HIV into the human body. And the circumcised person becomes immune to HIV infection.

7) Does the HIV virus have the capacity to mutate itself?

Yes, the virions of HIV has the capacity of creating resistance to the drugs they are exposed to. When the virions that are exposed to a particular drug, invades a CD4 cell and grows into a HIV, that HIV will have developed resistance to the drug that the parent virion was exposed to. Now when the HIV matures inside the CD4 cell, it produces and releases more virions of HIV, these new virions of HIV will also have the same resistance to that particular drug thus it creates a new HIV string with resistance to the said drug. The virions of the HIV also create resistance of different substance and also the environment that they are exposed to in the same way as they develop resistance for drugs as mentioned above.

8) What is the weakness of the virus that is targeted by EradicateHIV research?

The HIV can only grow inside the CD4 cell. It cannot survive in outside the CD4 cell ie. in the body fluids or other surfaces etc. This is the biggest weakness of the HIV virus. The EradicateHIV research uses this weakness against the HIV virus by first not letting HIV virions acqire CD4 cells thus preventing the growth of HIV. The virions of HIV can survive many harsh conditions but are inactive and immoblie till they come in contact with the outer surface of a CD4 cell. By preventing the virions of HIV from reaching the CD4 cell both the HIV itself and its virions are kept in control.

9) Why are medications and medical treatments not effective against the HIV virus?

The HIV itself is cased inside the CD4 cell and all the medication and the treatments never reach the HIV itself. But the medicaion kills the virions as they activate to enter the CD4 cells. But the medication are totally ineffective against the virions of HIV as they are totally inactive and immobile. Further it is seen that the drugs that the virions of HIV are exposed to, these virions develop resistance for that drug when they grow into HIV inside the CD4 cell. And even the new virions that are produced and released by this new HIV will have the same resistance for that drug. This makes a new HIV string that is stronger and more resilient.

10) Why is it a waste of time to seek out medicines to treat the HIV virus?

The current medicines work in a way to attack the weak point of the HIV but the HIV itself is cased in the body of the CD4 cell and the drugs never reach the HIV. Further the virions that are exposed to the medicine develop resistence for that drug in the next generation of HIV. So every new generation of the HIV will require a new drug, which is a process that will never seem to end. And targeting the weak points only makes the next generation of the HIV stronger. All the medicines are just made to control the spread of HIV and not kill it or destroy it. Hence it would be a waste of time seeking out medicines to control of the virus, more emphasis should be given on preventing the HIV infection from taking place.

11) What is the status of the EradicateHIV research?

The research has been successfully concluded and the result being that HIV can be completely eradicated from the surface of the earth by proper and complete implementation of the EradicateHIV research.

12) Is EradicateHIV researchers focused on creating awareness to put an end to testing newly developed HIV medication on HIV positive people?

The newly developed HIV medications are not tested properly for side effects and not altered to remove or reduce the side effects. Most of the side effects are not even known and if known nothing is done to curb the side effects. In an urgency to implement the medicines it can be said that these medicines are being tested directly on human beings. This method could lead to greater damage to the body of the HIV positive person and also create more complications in the health of future generations.

13) Does EradicateHIV research require monetary contribution?

The EradicateHIV research has been concluded with highly successful results. There is no need for any kind of monetary contribution to be given to the EradicateHIV research. But people in all walks of life can help the implementation of this project in every country, in every state, in every village, in every part of the world so that together we can eradicate HIV out our world. Furthermore EradicateHIV does not say that "put an end to all research for HIV medication" All EradicateHIV says is that the other researchers does not have a solution ready as of today but we have a solution ready as of today. Why not impletment our research today and when the researchers find a solution then they may implement that in the future. Till that time what is the use of making people suffer with the HIV when there is a prevention and cure for HIV today.

14) So what is EradicateHIV research based on?

EradicateHIV research is based on the implementation of a natural, simple, effective, economic and time tested method of circumcision for the eradication of HIV. The method entails both Male Circumcision and Female Circumcision.

15) What is Male Circumcision?

Male Circumcision is the removal of the foreskin of the head of the penis in male. Male Circumcision allows the completion of the development of the head of the penis, which otherwise is just a muscle without a skin because it remains underdeveloped due to the presence of the foreskin.

16) What is female circumcision?

Female circumcision is the removal of the hood of the clitoris in female. Female Circumcision allows the completion of the development of the clitoris, which otherwise is just a muscle without the skin because it remain underdeveloped due to the presence of the hood.

19) What does it mean by underdeveloped head of the penis in male and underdeveloped clitoris in female?

The human body is covered with skin except for the head of the penis in male and the clitoris in female. There is no skin of the uncircumised head of the penis and the uncircumised clitoris. Without the skin both these part remain underdevloped. To understand the meaning of underdeveloped in the above two paragraphs you will have to imagine that you scrape the skin of your finger in a accident such that the muscle is exposed. Now after the pain of scraping subsides, touch the exposed muscle. You will feel excruciating pain. That is the pain that every individual who has not undergone circumcision whose head of the penis is underdeveloped in male or whose clitoris is underdeveloped in female has to bear all their lives. But since this is a persistance pain people tend to get used to it. It is only after circumcision that the development of the head of the penis and the clitoris is completed. Both these parts of the body develop a skin over it. Now the person will have all the sensations that the person had before but there will be no pain. The lifelong pain will come to an end.

How does the prepuce help in the microorganisms and virions of viruses into the human body?

Furthermore the foreskin of the head of the penis and the hood of the clitoris has the capacity to lodge microbes, virions of viruses like HIV and fungal body which it rubs into the underdeveloped head of the penis and underdeveloped clitoris respectively. Thus helping these microorganisms to find entry into the human body. It is only after the circumcision that this whole process is eliminated both in male and female.

What should be the attitude of people be towards Circumcision?

It is found that people have different reservations regarding circumcsion. But all those people should accept circumcision for its medical benefits. How the doctor advices us to take bitter tasting medicine to cure a disease? Male Circumcision and Female Circumcision would be the bitter vaccine that can give 100% protection against HIV by destroying its first source of entry and letting the virions of HIV to fall outside the human body.

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