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PGSPL stands by its commitment to respect the privacy of the people visiting and the same is reflected in the Privacy Policy. The Terms and Conditions defines the manner in which a website visitor can use

Privacy Policy

This privacy policy states the details about the information that is collected by the website when people visit It also mentions how this information will be used. The measures are being taken to protect than information is also mentioned here. It should be noted that any information that the visitor of PGSPL provides is by the choice of the said visitor.


No Information about the website visitor is required by PGSPL to use The information that the website vistor may provide may include but not limited to name, address, address, phone number, email, website, zip code and any other forms of information. is an informative website. There are no products for sale, no forum participation and even donations are also not accepted. The only time when a website visitor gives any information is when he or she is trying to communicate with PGSPL. The only reason any information is collected during this interaction is to provide a reply to the query asked or issue to be resolved. During this interaction PGSPL may also receive the information that the website visitor ask in the form of query and the details that he or she may mention in the message. In such case or in similar cases PGSPL will take resonable precautionary measures to ensure that this information reaches PGSPL servers (where is hosted) safely by using standardised methods used on the WEB and Internet like encryption to secure the data during transmission and firewall to protect the data after it reaches PGSPL servers. This information will be used to provide the website visitor the information or other details that he or she may have requested. This data may also be used for analysing, compiling and understanding the needs of website visitors. It may also be used for performance evaluations.

PGSPL hereby expressly confirms that this information will never be sold or rented. This information will also never be exchanged with any person or organisation that is not a part of Perfect Global Solutions for Prolonged Life, its assigns, successors or vendors who would be bound by non-disclosure agreements. This information may also be disclosed for any legal reasons as requried by the legal authority for the tracing, tracking or any other legal procedure. The validity and legal procedure of such legal requests will be authenticated before disclosure of any information is made. Any exception to what is mentioned above will be first notified to the website visitor and the said information will only be transfered after express consent of the website user.


The website of PGSPL like most of the websites in the world may store some information on the computer that is used to access the website in a file commonly known in internet terms as cookie or cookies. In most cases these cookies do not store information about the website user and does not affect the privacy of the person in any manner. It is just used to provide better user experience and enhance the website functionality for the website visitor.

Terms and Conditions

On the PGSPL website there are many ways to interact with PGSPL. By sending messages, articles, stories the website user agrees to send matter related to the topic addressed on the website The use of unacceptable practices by website users may result in PGSPL taking action, legal or otherwise, against the person or organisation violating the conditions. The unacceptable practices includes but are not limited to:

Misrepresentation of the website user, his or her background or character.

Posting obscene, unlawful, false, defamatory or infringing material.

Selling or advertising or using barter of goods or services.

Threatening, harassing or violating the rights of another person or organisation.

Posting of material that is copyrighted and owned by third party.

PGSPL reserves all rights to alter, include, post or use in any manner the material that is send by the website user at the complete discretion of PGSPL.

The website user of uses this website at his or her own risk. It is adviced by PGSPL not to post any information that can personally identify the website user. If the website user does post any information that can be personally identifiable then PGSPL hereby disclaims any responsiblity as to the use of the said information.


Links to other websites is available from PGSPL website. These are to provide the website visitors of additional resources. These links are not screened on a regular basis and the website visitor may follow this link at his or her own risk. The websites that are linked are meet the requirement standards and accuracy of information when they are linked. But due to quick change in content it cannot be guaranteed that every website that is linked on will maintain the standards and accuracy of information. PGSPL is not responisble expressly or impliedly for the content of the linked websites. Website users are requested to go through the privacy policy of the said website before using it.

Recommendation and Endorsement

There may be reference to product or services or processes or organisations that may be commercial or non-commercial in the posts or otherwise on the PGSPL website. These references should not be considered to tbe endorsement or recommendations. PGSPL disclaims any liability express or implied that may arise by the use or misuse of the said products, services, processes or organisations.


If a website vistor wishes to get some information that was given by the person to PGSPL to be deleted, the person may contact PGSPL using the contact page and the same will be done as soon as possible. The same can be done for any subscription that the person has subscribed on PGSPL.

Safety of Data

The collection of information by the website visitors is subject to data audits to keep the information refreshed and useful. All data is protected by firewall and encryption. It is known that 100 percent protection cannot be offered on the internet but PGSPL uses the best standard industry security measures for the safety and authorized access of information collected. Limited and password protected access to the information is given to staff only on a need to need basis. The staff is trained on importance of safety of data and are held responsible for protecting it.

Right to changes

This Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions are subject to changes without notice, with PGSPL holding the absolute and unrevokable right to make the necessary changes. All changes will be made on this page. Website visitors are requested to check this page periodically for any changes made.

If the website visitor has any query or concern then he or she may contact PGSPL using the contact page.

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