Understanding HIV - Learn more about HIV

Date Published - 2016-06-12 | Date Modified - 2017-06-28

Learning about HIV is an ongoing process. There is a lot of development taking place towards the treatment of HIV, there is a lot of data that is available for a person to learn about HIV.

Understanding HIV - Learn more about HIV

Know the basics about HIV, a virus that grows in the CD4 cell of human to produce and release virions of HIV that can invade more CD4 cells, such that slowly most of the CD4 cells of the body are invaded by HIV and the whole immune system of the human body collapse

There are two main type of HIV infections. The primary infection and the secondary infection.

The primary type of infection entails the invasion of the virions into the CD4 cells as they come in contact with them and get activated.

In the secondary type the HIV grown inside the CD4 cell is transferred from the infected body to the uninfected body along with the CD4 cell.

HIV is very difficult to diagonise as it shows no symptoms at all. Neither does the HIV move about freely in the blood nor does it do any activity to reveal itself from inside the CD4 cell.

The treatment process that are available for HIV are only able to kill the virions of HIV only when it activates to enter the new CD4 cells but the drugs are uneffective against the HIV grown in the CD4 cell nor the inactive and immobile virions of HIV.

More and more people are getting infected by HIV and when new people get infected they are just a link in the chain of more and more people who are getting infected by HIV.

With the drugs that are available people can live with HIV for a long time now a days, but the mental and physical capacity of these people are greatly deminished by the side effects of these drugs.

Even the people who care for the HIV patients have to undergo many hardships due to the changes that take place in the mental and physical attributes of the HIV patients and they are also at a constant risk of exposure to HIV.

When HIV infects more than 70% of the CD4 cells then other diseases will start to infect the person. This is the time when symptoms of these diseases show up and HIV can be detected as a result through the diagnosis of those diseases.

Learn how to help the HIV patients live a healthy life with all the side effects of the medicines and their degrading physical and mental capacities.

For all those who are lucky to uninfected by HIV, learn how to protect yourself, your family and the people around you by a simple, natural and economic process of circumcison to get permentant protection from HIV.

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