10 Earliest After-effects of HIV

Identifying the After-effects of HIV is very difficult because the HIV neither leaves any traces of its presence nor is present openly in the body fluids. It also does not cause any visible harm for the body to identify it. So how can HIV be detected?

10 Earliest After-effects of HIV

If a person is infected with HIV it is very difficult to first confirm that he / she is infected and second to prove that the infection is HIV.

Here is a list of possible 10 earliest After-effects that can indicate the presence of HIV. But these After-effects can also point to many other diseases. These are not fixed After-effects and even if these After-effects show up it would be at a stage where HIV has invaded into and deactivated more than 70% of the CD4 cells in the body and the body is infected by some other disease or diseases. The After-effects are shown because of the presence of other diseases or resistence offered for the treatment of these diseases.

Frequent Viral Infections

There would be an increase in the frequency of viral infections. The increase may be major or minor but more than the normal. It may seem that the viral infections can access your body easily to infect it. It is possible that the person may have a single viral infection or multiple infections at the same time. The intensity of the infection will also be higher and the person will feel more weaker and undergo more suffering during such infections. It will also be difficult to cure and the person may take more than the normal time to recover from it. This increase in frequency and/or intensity is one of the major and first signs of HIV

But also remember that this symptom can not be solely judged as a symptom of HIV because a number of other diseases have similar symtoms. And these After-effects can also be caused by climate change, change of environment, change of peers and even change in harmonal cycle.

Increase in diarrhea occurance

Does the person seem to suffer from diarrhea more frequently? Do the person also notice significant weight loss along with it? It is possible that the deactivation of the CD4 cells by the HIV increases to such an extent that it might affect the digestion process of the person. The person may notice that diarrhea infection has become common and there is also noticable weight loss at the same time which is due the fact that the food eaten by the person is not digested properly and hence the body of the person is not getting proper nutrition. Increase in the frequency of occurance of diarrhea can indicate the presence of HIV infection.

But diarrhea is a common symptom for may other diseases and it is also a sign of the person not eating his / her food properly or overeating. Even food poisioning can cause diarrhea.

Stubborn Fungal Infection

Fungal infections are fairly common but if the person are infected with one that just does not heal, that just does not respond to treatments and tends to stick with the person even after he / she take all the good precautions to get rid of it then it is possible that it is a sign of HIV infection. The CD4 cells the body of the person may be so damaged that it is finding it difficult to help the body get rid of the simple fungal infection. So if the person is facing more trouble getting rid of fungal infection, it may be an indication that HIV virus must have harmed his / her CD4 cells.

Fungal infection are the most common type of infection and can happen to anybody. Among the many cause that cause a fungal infection is cleanliness and hygiene. And if the person does not maintain cleanliness and hygiene then it is bound to stick with his / her body and the person will find it difficult to get rid of it.

Increase in Bacterial Infections

The person might notice that there is a sudden increase in bacterial infections in his / her body. The body of the person starts of get infected with the most common or harmless bacteria. The intensity of the infection may also be higher. These sudden increase in bacterial infections indicate that the CD4 cells protecting the body has become inactive and would point out to a clear indication of HIV infection.

Bacterial infections are also very common and can also be a symptom of many other diseases. A person can get bacterial infections from food, water, clothes, peers, environment. Any place where bacteria can breed.

Increse in use of antibiotics, antiviral and antifungal drugs to cure infection.

Does the person notice that the infections that person acquires get cured only by the use of drugs? Infections sometimes cure by themselves but if it is always getting cured by the use of drugs, it can be an indication of HIV. The person may also observe that his / her infections are recurring and their intensity is much more higher. This can be a sign that the damage of CD4 cells in the body is much more than 70% and the body of the person has become prone to infections. Without any protection from the CD4 cells the body of the person has to be depend on drugs to cure his / her infection.

Severe infections may require drugs to control and cure it even in a healthy body. There can be many factors for having a severe infection. It can also be an indication of many other diseases.

Disorders in blood

Does the doctor of the person advice him / her to check blood frequently when the person get an infection? Does the blood report of the person indicate disorder in its different components? Low count of CD4 cells and increase or decrease of other components below or above standards can indicate some problem in the blood. Even though HIV cannot survive in the blood, it is the CD4 cells that the HIV uses as a host to grow in the human body. But the presence of HIV has the tendency of deactivating the CD4 cells which decreases the number of available CD4 cells in the body.

Change in the body harmones and other components also affect the blood composition. Further some medications can also cause the components of the blood to alter. Even certain foods, other physical and environmental factors can alter the compostion of blood.

Delay in growth of the body and mind

Our body grows everyday, but if the person find that his / her body has stopped growing or is growing at a slow rate then it is a indication that something is wrong with the body of the person. If there is a lack of growth indication or the period of growth is overdue or there is a delay in the growth process, then it could be that the body of the person is facing some issues or is concentrating more efforts on some other activities like defence from invading organisms. The delay in growth can be a sign of low CD4 activity and high attacks by foreign organisms.

It is difficult to measure the growth rate. There are many factors that can affect the growth rate. The food the person eat, the physical activity the person do, the mental activity the person does etc all contribute to the manner in which his / her body will grow.

Delay in development of the body

Do you notice a delay in the development of the body of the person as compared to his / her peers or people of same age group? These delay can be caused by the body not in a condition to concentrate on the development of the body but is involved in defending the body from the attacks of other organisms as the CD4 cells gets deactivated more and more. This low level of development or no development can indicate the presence of HIV as the counts of CD4 goes on depletting.

Development of the body can be hindered by many internal and external factors. Right from the genes the person have inherited to the medicines or food the person eat everything can cause hinderance to the development of the body.

Delay in repairing the wear and tear of body

Does the person feel tired after a good night sleep? Or does the person feel fatique even after proper rest and sleep? These are the signs that the body of the person is not repairing the regular wear and tear of the body and the body is in constant state of repair. This can be due to the fact that the body is concentrating and putting all the evergies in the defence of the body while all the other activities are given a back seat. This can be cause by the inactivity of the CD4 cells. Hence it may be an indication of HIV infection.

Feeling fatique is common in the cases of depression. It can also be cause by the overuse of the body resources. There can be many reasons for the body not to repair the body cells which can range from harmonal changes to medicines that the person is taking.

Autoimmune disorders

Autoimmune disorders are said to take place when the immune system of the body decides to attack the healthy cells of the body. This disorder can be caused by the HIV infected CD4 cells. So if the person are suffering any of the Autoimmune disorders (more than 80 types of autoimmune disorders are known and it is increasing) then it is possible that HIV may be the cause of that disorder in his / her body. It would be strong indication that CD4 cells that has been infected by the HIV would be able to activate a attack on the healthy cells of the body.

Autoimmune disorders can be cause by a number of other bacteria and virus. Certain durgs can also cause it. Then there are many types of irritants that can cause it mostly being chemical and environmental.

Secondary nature of all the above 10 after-effects of HIV

What can the person do if HIV shows no Symptoms at all?

First of all the person will notice that all the after-effects that are mentioned above are of the disease that will infect the body after the HIV has done its damage. It is only during the diagnosis of the secondary disease that HIV can be assumed to be the cause.

Secondly all the above after-effects can well be the after-effects of the said disease alone and my not be related to HIV, but the person may still suffer from HIV. The HIV might still be in his / her CD4 cells but may not be relevent enough to be detected.

The after-effects that one would see are not limited to the after-effects that are mentioned above. All of them and those that are not mentioned above cannot conclusively prove that the person has been infected by HIV. They can only point out to the posiblity that the person may have HIV.

Looking at the above after-effects one may easily come to the conclusion that HIV must be behind every disease that human beings get or are infected with, which may not be wrong, but has not been proved so far.

The above after-effects may not be the best indicator of HIV but it is an indication of how much harm a small virus can cause to the human body.

A harm that can be very easily prevented. And every human being on earth can be protected for lifetime with the simplest and natural prevention technique known to man. But remember this technique is already used by nature in many animals as they are naturally born with this technique imbibed in their body making these animals like monkeys, immune to HIV.

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