Primary HIV Infection

Human Immunodeficency Virus (HIV) infects the human body in two methods the Primary HIV infection and the Secondary HIV infection. Primary HIV infection is the method where in the HIV virions infects the human body. But to grow into an HIV in the human body it has to find a CD4 cell. The level to which a person gets infected tend to differ from person to person. As mentioned before the HIV will not show any symptoms till such a time that the body is infected with another disease and the symptoms of that disease will be seen. The cause may be then tested to ascertain the presence of HIV.

Primary HIV Infection

The four main ways in which the Primary HIV infection take place which are as follows.

The virion of the HIV is like a seed, it is inactive and cannot move on its own. It is carried from one place to the other by forces of nature. It is given out by the matured HIV from inside a CD4 cell. The virion, when it comes in contact with a CD4 cell, it gets activated, then it enters into the cell and grows into a HIV.

Normally the virons of the HIV, if present, in the blood is cleaned by the natural cleaning process of the body. But at the time of excretion from the body if the virion get stuck in the prepuce, it can reenter the body by growing inside a CD4 cell present in the underdeveloped head of the penis or underdeveloped clitoris. But in its virion form, it can remain in the prepuce for long time and and lie dormant till it comes in contact with the CD4 cell. Once it has come in contact with the CD4 cell, it will get activated, then enter the cell and grow into HIV.

In normal circumstances the virions of HIV cannot come in contact with CD4 cells as these cells are protected by thick layer of skin. But on the underdeveloped head of the uncircumcised penis and the underdeveloped uncircumcised clitoris there is no skin, these virions of HIV can directly fall on CD4 cells, which are present in this muscle tissue in abundance allowing these virions to grow into HIV.

Virions of the HIV is seen to survive almost all environmental conditions so when these virions are present under the prepuce, they can be transferred to another person during sexual activity or other activities that are involve the use of the area around prepuce, by natural process of exchange of bodily fluids and rubbing of the skin surface etc. But the virions will not grow into the HIV without entering a CD4 cell.

The factors that facilitate the primary HIV infection includes.

First and foremost the underdeveloped head of the uncircumcised penis or underdeveloped uncircumcised clitoris.

Use of condoms during sexual activity.

Use of objects that facilate sex eg. sex toys.

Using unnatural methods of having sexual activity.

Overdoing the sexual activity whereby the underdeveloped head of the uncircumcised penis or uncircumcised clitoris are further injured or traumatized.

Having multiple sexual partners increase the chance of spreading the virions of HIV as even if one person is the carrier, all the rest are equally infected.

If the virions are present in the prepuce having self induced sex or mastrubutation can also cause trauma to the underdeveloped head of the uncircumcised penis or uncircumcised clitoris which will help the virions of HIV to enter the CD4 cell.

Application of creams and other substances to kill the virus or bacteria does not affect the virons as these creams target the full grown virus and not the virions, it instead helps the spread of the virons by facilitating ease of movement.

The virions can also be transferred from mother to child through all body fluids, including milk, blood etc.

The virions can also be trasferred by used syringes and other devices that are inserted into the blood stream that are used by an infected person before being used again by uninfected person.

The virions can also be transferred by exchange of body fluids like sweat, silava, tears etc. but the virions transferred by the body fluids mostly do not reach the CD4 cells in the uninfected, that is the reason why it is not proved that virions of HIV are present in these body fluids. Even a sneeze of the infected person can transfer virions to the uninfected person.

Using the things used by the infected person, which come in contact with the body fluids of the infected person. But as said before the virions that are acquired by these methods do not find a way to reach the CD4 cells in the body to grow into HIV, that is the reason why the presence of the virions in not proved so far.

The virions are also transmitted during blood transfusion as the virions are not cleaned during the the process of treatment of the blood before transfusion.

Blood sucking insects can also carry virions of HIV when sucking the blood out from infected person, but it is a rare possibility that infection can happen in by the biting of the insect.

Even the virions that get into the blood are mostly not able to reach the CD4 cell as they are bundled out through the natural process of cleaning of the body. But it is the virions that get lodged in the prepuce that reenter the body through the underdeveloped head of the penis and the underdeveloped clitoirs in female that are able to fall onto a CD4 cell, activate and enter the cell to grow into an HIV.

The virions are very very small than the virus itself which also help the virons to be taken by the forces of nature from one place to the other easily making it easier to reach its target.

As the virions are incapable of any movement, it is difficult for the body to identify it as a threat, again helping virions get closer to CD4 cells easily.

The parasitic nature of the HIV is shown by the fact that it completely deactivates the CD4 cell from doing any activies for the body at the same time keeping the cell alive and giving a cell head count, which tells the body not to make more CD4 cells making it easier for further infections to take place.

The decreased activity of some CD4 cells further allow the virions of the HIV to infect more cells thus making the deactivation process faster.

The Primary HIV infection can be summed up as the forced access by the virions into involuntary CD4 cells for their growth into an HIV which causes erratic and undetectable deactivation of the CD4 cell which typically causes the immune deficiency. The virions of HIV usually cause this process to start after comming in contact and getting inside a CD4 cell and moves about in the bloodstream within the said CD4 cell undetected at the same time growing into an HIV. At its level of maturity this HIV produces further virons and releases it into the blood stream.

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