Secondary HIV Infection

In Secondary HIV infection, the Human Immunodeficency Virus (HIV) infects after it has grown inside the CD4 cell. It is a general view that the HIV itself causes all the infections. But is the virions of the HIV that causes a major portion of the infections. Further in addition to it the HIV after growing inside the CD4 cell can be transmitted from one person to another. There are may ways in which this transmission can take place and they are secondary HIV infection.

Secondary HIV Infection

One should realize that the Secondary HIV infection is a very difficult process and happens very rarely. It is totally dependent on the happening of the primary HIV infection. EradicateHIV research has conclusive proof that for the Secondary HIV infection to take place there should be transfer of blood or body fluids from the infected person to the uninfected person such that it keeps the CD4 cell containing the HIV alive.

Secondary HIV infection means the transfer of the CD4 cell after the HIV has grown inside it from the infected person to the uninfected person.

This type of HIV infection is very rare because the CD4 cell dies as soon as it comes of the human body or within a few seconds. Still let us go into some of the factors that can possible cause a secondary HIV infection.

Exchange of blood through injury ie. from the injury in the infected person to the injury in uninfected person such that the CD4 cell infected with the HIV remains alive during the exchange. CD4 cells are not present in most of the other body fluids, so secondary HIV infection cannot take place through exchange of saliva, sweat, tears etc.

Through blood transfusion. Wherein the blood from the infected person with the CD4 cell with the HIV is transferred to the uninfected person. This is possible only in cases of person who are given whole blood as only the blood containing the CD4 cell with the HIV in it can cause an infection.

Secondary infection is not caused from mother to child because norishment that the child gets inside the womb of the mother does not support the passage of CD4 cells to the body of the child. Even the milk of the mother does not contain CD4 cells and so the secondary infection cannot happen through milk. In only rare cases where there is an injury in the mother and the another injury in the child which facilitate the exchange of blood containing CD4 cells that has HIV. Very, very rare case.

Secondary HIV infection also cannot happen by exchange of syringe and other body inserts as the CD4 cell cannot survive on the syringe or other inserts.

Secondary infection can never happen by insect bite because CD4 cells cannot survive inside insects.

Secondary infection does not happen while having sexual activity except if there are injuries on the genital area of the infected and uninfected persons and exchange of blood takes place through these injuries in such a way that the CD4 cell containing the HIV remains alive during the transmission.

The factors that facilitate the primary infection of the HIV includes.

First and foremost injury in the infected person and the uninfected person and exchange of blood through these injuries.

Forced injection of infected blood.

Blood Transfusion from infected person to the uninfected.

Exchange of blood during fighting or other physical interactions.

Unnaturaly sexual activity that result in injuries and transfer of blood from the infected to the uninfected through these injuries.

There a possiblily in all the above cases that the primary HIV infection will take place along with the seondary HIV infection. Which is to say that the virions of HIV vill also enter the body of the uninfected with the CD4 containing HIV. This may or may not result in faster progress of the HIV infection depending on the immunity level of the infected body. The primary HIV infection mostly begin at the underdeveloped head of the penis in male or the underdeveloped clitoris of female, as in all other methods of transmission the virions of HIV are thrown out of the body by the natural cleaning process of the body. But secondary infection can begin in any part of the body ie. where the infected blood is injected in blood transfusion or otherwise or were the injury on any part of the body meet the infected injury. Again virions can also be transmitted at the same time, but those virions will be cleansed by the body but the CD4 cell with the HIV will remain in the blood.

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