What is HIV?

Date Published - 2016-05-20 | Date Modified - 2017-06-28

Human Immunodeficency Virus (HIV) is a virus that grows inside CD4 cells of the Human Body, just like a plant that in a fertile soil. For the HIV the CD4 cell is its fertile soil. After the growth of the HIV is completed it creates seeds, inactive seed like particles. These seed like particles when they land on CD4 cells, enters the cell and begin growing inside the cell. There are no symptoms of HIV and the infected person may live with the infection for years sometimes even die without knowing that he / she is infected with HIV. But during all his / her life may infect few or a number of other people with the HIV virus depending on the lifestyle of the person.

What is HIV?

Human Immunedeficiency Virus (HIV) is a virus that enters the human body as a virion of HIV. A virion is a seed like particle that is inactive and immoblie, just like a seed. This virion is released into the blood stream of the preson infected by HIV, by the matured HIV that grows in the CD4 cell.

After entering the human body the virion of HIV, usually fall on to the CD4 cell as the only place where they can enter the body is the underdeveloped head of the penis in male and the underdeveloped clitoris in female. If the virons of HIV enters the body by any other way they are cleasned by the normal cleaning process of the body.

But as they exit out of the body some of the virions get lodged in the prepuce ie. the foreskin of the underdeveloped head of the penis in male and the hood of the underdeveloped clitoris in female which again helps the inactive and immobile virions of HIV to fall on to the CD4 cell and grow into an HIV.

One might ask why the head of the penis in male and the clitoris in female are termed as underdeveloped. If you are uncircumcised you can clearly see that the head of the penis, if you are male and the clitoris, if you are female are developed to the stage of muscle structure ie. there is no skin on the muscle of the head of the penis in male and the clitoris in female

This makes the head of the penis in male and the clitoris in female underdeveloped. Now due to lack of the presence of skin the microorganisms can directly enter into the human body from these underdeveloped parts. All the other parts of the human body are covered with skin that protects the body from the invasion of microorganisms and even virions like HIV.

Furthermore the prepuce ie. the foreskin on the underdeveloped head of the penis and the hood of the underdeveloped clitoris gives enough space to lodge the microorganisms. They also help the microorganism and virions of viruses like HIV to enter the body through the underdeveloped parts by rubbing these microorganisms and virions on to the skinless surface of the underdeveloped head of the penis in male and the underdeveloped clitoris in female.

A HIV is capable of growing only in the CD4 cells of human body and use it like a fertile ground for its growth. The CD4 cells in which the HIV grows, stops obeying the commands of the human body. With more and more taken up by the HIV for its growth, the strength of the body to fight diseases goes on decreasing. Eventually the body gets attacked by various diseases and fatal among them are the AIDS category diseases.

HIV by itself does not cause any harm to the body other than growing in the CD4 cells. But the deactivation of the CD4 cells due to this growth, eventually makes the entire defence system of the body to collapse. This causes the other infections to invade and spread in the human body very fast. The whole process from growth to facilitating other infections makes HIV one of the most deadliest disease that has claimed millions of life accross the globe.

HIV is completely preventable. But your doctor will only offer treatment by controlling the after-effects and make you live your whole life dependent on drugs. EradicateHIV research has proof that the implementation of this research can completely prevent HIV from infecting any other person.

In normal circumstances the CD4 cell can multiply itself as required to control any invading organism. And if there is part of the body that is highly insecure, ie. very prone to invasion by other organisms there would a higher concentration of CD4 cells in that part of the body to protect the body from invasion of other organisms. But when the HIV deactivtes them this protection becomes weaker. When the HIV deactivates more than 70% CD4 cells then the level of protection of the human body becomes very weak and are not able to defend itself from the invading organisms. It is at this time that the body gets infected by some or other diseases mostly AIDS category disease and the symptoms of that disease appear. It is only on further tests and examination that the existence of HIV is proved.

In the current scenerio the other medical researchers believe that the HIV infects the blood and other body fluids and they show their presence by traces of HIV body chemicals and body parts of HIV. Using this theory the researchers are trying to destroy the virus using drugs, for many years. This theory is also used in the testing for HIV infection. Further all the fundings that are received for finding a cure for HIV is used in the direction of fulfilling this theory. This is the reason why the other researchers are only concentrating on eliminating the virus, studying the characteristics of the virus and trying to detect the virus so that the spread of the virus can be controlled quicker.

But due to the fact that this theory is not true the researchers are achieving no success in their efforts for so many years and people infected by HIV are suffering and dying, some of them not even realising that they have died of HIV.

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