Where did HIV come from?

Date Published - 2016-07-20 | Date Modified - 2017-06-28

Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) came from those people who had not undergone circumcision. HIV survived in those tribal and other groups of people that were cut off from the mainstream of the society. It became prominent in the mainstream society when they stopped the procedure of circumcision.

Where did HIV come from?

Some scientist claim that HIV infection was spread from chimpanzees in West Africa, through the immonodeficiency virus in chimpanzees called Simian immonodeficiency virus (SIV) and claim that the same virus may have mutated to become HIV in humans, through the infected blood in the meat of the chimpanzees that were hunted by humans. And then the virus slowly spread across Africa and then to other parts of the world.

But this theory is not true because humans are immune to SIV just as Chimpanzees are immune to HIV. Chimpanzees are immune to HIV because they are born circumcised. And humans get infected with HIV because they are not circumcised.

The World War II ended in the year 1945. Britan and all its territories accross the world moved to nationalized health care system which was cost effective and excluded circumcision for non medical reasons. Soon authors like Douglas Gairdner began writing articles stating that there are no benefits in circumcision. Slowly circumcision rates began to decrease in Britan and rest of Europe and the world followed.

It is in the year 1959 less than 15 years after Circumision was stopped that the first person infected with HIV came to light in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo. A genetic analisis of the blood sample from the person suggested that HIV was stemmed from single virus in 1940 or 1950, a range of dates after the World War II. From that day on till today 50 billion people have died of HIV and 37 billion people are suffering from HIV. This is much more than the people killed in World War II. This would clearly give a corelation.

All experiments conducted using circumcision have been proved 100% successful in preventing HIV`, because of which all such experiments have been stopped and circumcision declared as a non medical procedure. This would be an eye opener.

When HIV got out of control in Africa the World Health Organisation (WHO) used circumcision to prevent further infection. Circumision again proved that it is the only effective vaccination against HIV and it gives immunity from HIV infection. Now why would WHO use a non medical procedure that has no benefits to prevent HIV and how can circumcision prevent HIV in such a huge population?

It is because Circumision is not an anti medical procedure but a completely medical procedure that completes the development of the human body. You have heard it right. The development of the human body is incomplete without circumcision. How? The whole human body is covered with skin except for the head of the penis in male and the clitoris in female. These two parts remain underdeveloped because of the presence of the prepuce ie. the forskin of the head of the penis and the hood of the clitoris. Now when this prepuce is removed by the minor surgical procedure of circumcision the head of the penis in male and the clitoris in female develop a skin and the development of the human body becomes complete.

What happens if these two parts of the human body one in male and the other in female remains underdeveloped?

The underdeveloped head of the penis in male and the underdeveloped clitoris in female are developed only to muscle structure as there is no skin over it. Due to which this part tends to absorb body fluids and also microorganisms into the human body causing various diseases including HIV. Further due to lack of skin there is no sensation of touch in this area which makes the uncircumcisied person unable to expererience sexual arousal. As we all know from our days in school that it is the skin that send the sense of touch to the brain. In the absence of skin, the uncircumcisied people consider the pain that is caused by the trama undergone by the underdeveloped head of the penis and the underdeveloped clitoris during the process of sexual activitiy as sexual arousal and it is only after circumcision that the person for the first time experiences sexual arousal. There are many other disadvantages of being uncircumcisied and many advantages of being circumcised.

It is also known that the virus has existed in United States and other countries since 1970s. That would be 25 years after World War II. And in 1979-1981 reports of rare types of pneumonia, cancer and other illnesses began to be reported to doctors in Los Angeles and New York. The only thing common in all these people was that they all were uncircumcisied.

In 1982 medical practicioners began to call these diseases as Acquired immonodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) and in 1983 scientist discovered that AIDS was caused by HIV.

It has been an ongoing debate as to the orgins of HIV and how it began infecting the human population in such a wide spread manner. The answer is that HIV was prevelent in the the small tribes and groups of people that were cut off from the mainstream. And the people belonging to the mainstream were protected from HIV because of circumcision. As soon as circumcision was dropped from the national health care system then HIV began to infect the people of the mainstream. If people still continue to believe that Circumision is a non medical procedure then it would be an invitation to HIV to infect and kill more an more people.

So if you are parent who do not want your child to get infected with HIV then get your child circumcised. If your are an individual who do not want to get infected with HIV and wants to enjoy the pleasure of sexual arousal for the first time get circumcised. If you are a to-be parent and does not want your unborn child to be infected with HIV, get circumcised. Circumision is beneficial even for those who are already infected with HIV as it stops the cycle of infection, stops the spread of HIV in human body and also stablises the CD4 count, the same benefits that is offered by advanced medicines that are available today but without any side effects.

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