We Eradicate HIV - We fight against HIV

Date Published - 2016-06-12 | Date Modified - 2017-07-01

Our fight is against HIV, our fight is to stop HIV, our fight is eradicate HIV, for whom? For every individual who is infected with HIV and for every individual who can be infected with HIV.

We Eradicate HIV - We fight against HIV

Our aim is to protect each and every person from HIV such that HIV is completely eradicated from the face of Earth. Each and every person will have to contribute to make this mission a success.

Our research focuses on better and better way to implement the process of circumcison among the people such that they understand the importance of the same and how it can protect and prevent not only HIV but a number of diseases that affect the body and mind of human beings.

People who can come forward and vouch for the protection that they have received against HIV by performing circumcision can help those who are undecided to undergo the process of circumcision for themselves and their families.

Our press releases are concentrated on solving the various misconceptions that come up in the media and even the medical research done by other researchers. We would like the people to get a real view about HIV and not the vague and underresearched view that has been propogated for many decades now.

Our research is based on the works of many researchers who had spend years of their lives researching about circumcision and all their work was undermined just to prove that circumcision has no health benefits. How can a process that helps the completion of the development of the underdeveloped head of the penis in male and the underdeveloped clitoris in female have no health benefits? If any researcher can shed some light on why circumcision is undermined so much when its benefits are so obivious that even medical organisations like World Health Organisation WHO says that it has 60% success against HIV and remember they are only using Male circumcision. If they combine that with female circumcision they will get 100% success. Because females also have the an underdeveloped clitoris just like the males have underdeveloped head of the penis.

EradicateHIV research uses its research findings to instill confidence in the people that circumcison can eradicate HiV. It has concrete proof of how the process of circumcision works and it has concrete proof that it works for all types of people, accross all continents.

Any person who has any doubts regarding the process of circumcision and its benefits can contact us and we will provide them with detailed answers to their queries such that they are satisfied with those answers and need not look any further or harbour any doubts regarding the benefits of circumcision.

Our goal is to achieve 100% eradication of HIV from the face of earth. Our appeal to the people is to participate in implementing circumcision widely starting from yourself and your family and the people around you with the strong and profound knowledge that there is no protection, treatment or cure for HIV and circumcision is the only and best protection method available to mankind.

Each and every person can make a difference. Each circumcision does not mean saving one life from HIV but it means the saving of a whole generation from HIV. Understand what is at stake, it is possible that a little complacency from your end may get you and your family or people around you get infected by HIV.

It is the minds of the people that are against HIV. The body knows that HIV is the only way to get permanent protection from HIV. It is the stories that have been cooked up that are against circumcision but the fact is that HIV can only be prevented by circumcision and till the time the researchers can come up with an alternative and equally effective menthod of protection without any side effects, eachand every person should protect themeselves from HIV by undergoing circumcision.

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