Our Mission - Mission of EradicateHIV Research

Date Published - 2016-06-20 | Date Modified - 2017-06-24

We are doing all we can to research in as many fields as possible to eradicate HIV from the system of human beings.

Our Mission - Mission of EradicateHIV Research

Our Mission

We are doing all we can to research in as many fields as possible to eradicate HIV from the system of human beings.

Our Vision

Eradicating HIV from the face of the earth such that each and every person on earth can live a life without any fear of getting infected by HIV.

Our Values

EradicateHIV Research is based on seven main values:


We have strong belief that there is a way to protect each and every person from HIV. We also believe that there is a cure for every person infected with HIV, it is only the matter of discovering it. Our belief has become a reality.


We do our work in a profession manner using ethical standards with complete financial transperancy in such a manner that we can hold EradicateHIV research to all those people who are associated with us and to those who will be effected by this research.


Our ablility to contribute the knowledge acquired by our research for the betterment of the people by ensuring the use of best available information resources to get accurate results.


EradicateHIV research always strives to achieve managable results that the people can manage to implement right away and get the best possible results from them.


It is our commitment to deliver results that will change the life of people for the better and people will be able to easily attempt to do it themselves and also for their family and people around them.


We believe that we are in a head on fight with HIV and in this contest we are winning against HIV and the HIV has no option but to remain inactive and immobile.


The flexablilty in our research has lead to going beyond and above the set norms of medical science so as to get the best results by thinking out of the box.


The EradicateHIV research was founded as a division of PGSPL in 2007 with the primary goal of achieving a effective method of prevention against HIV under the commonly accepted method circumcision. EradicateHIV Research was a consequence of the suffering and death of many people due to HIV infections, which created the neccessity of a body of reasearch that can do research into the uncharted benefits of circumcision. But the research is not limited to HIV alone.

In 2013, EradicateHIV research became the first medical research division which had a record of 100% protection and prevention of HIV in all its clinical testings from 2007 to 2013. The method was through circumcision, a method that was already in use but only in underdeveloped countries, where it had a success rate of 60% (According to World Health Organisation (WHO)) but the medical organisations that implemented circucumcision claimed that they were not aware of the reason, how circumcision could prevent HIV. In 2013 EradicateHIV Research had given a press statement that was published in the local newspapers stating that it has complete medical proof of how circumcision was able to prevent HIV and protect people from getting infected with HIV.

The article clearly stated how circumcision helped complete the development of the underdeveloped head of the penis in male and the underdeveloped clitoris in female, such that the skin surface becomes similar to the skin on other parts of the body. The scientific proof of the EradicateHIV research will help other researchers to update their knowledge about HIV and also to change the course of their research with the new facts known about HIV.

In 2013 when we had also declared that neither the HIV is identified by the human body nor the HIV moves about freely in the blood or other body fluids. So no antibodies are created by the human body against the HIV virus. So the all the antibody testing methods for HIV are not useful in anyway to trace the presence of HIV in the human body. They can only be used to detect the antibodies produced by the AIDS category diseases or other diseases that infect the human body after HIV has infected about 70% of the CD4 cells. The antigen and Nucleic acid tests were not only expensive but also would only be able to detect the HIV only in later stages as these two tests detect the parts of the body of HIV which can only be found when the cell dies and the HIV dies with it or the HIV dies inside the cell. These two cases can only occur at the later stages of HIV infection.

All the tests used to trace HIV are not only ineffective to trace HIV at the early stages but also they also let the HIV do great damage before identifing the HIV. Sometimes they also give wrong results making infected people HIV negetive and uninfected people HIV positive. So there would be a wide posibility that people with some infectious disease but without HIV will be declared HIV positive because the antibody tests will identify the antibodies produced by the body towards destroying those diseases as antibodies against HIV. The people suffering from HIV will have no antibodies, and they will be declared HIV negative. This confusion will persist till the tests are not properly targeted towards indentifying the HIV virus.

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