Our Press Releases

Date Published - 2016-06-12 | Date Modified - 2017-06-24

Our Press Release talk about various developments in our field of research or related field of research, or news release of latest developments or even a media release for some changes in the organisation structure or media statments as a reply to any media articles published related to the EradicateHIV Research.

Our Press Releases

Our press releases are based mostly on the EradicateHIV research findings. We try to make it as simple as possible and as easy to understand. We try our best to write to the point. We know that people reading the press releases are very busy and that is the reason why all are press releases explain the topic easily with as few words as possible.

We try not to use jargons or difficult words, so that each and every person can easily understand what is written. We also have less graphics on the page and the page is optimised to load faster. The video content is also loaded at a later date so that it does not interfere with the loading of the press release.

We really think that our press releases are the most valuable form of communicating news to our audiences. We do our best to make each and every press release easy to read, with relevant information for our readers such that they can relate to what is written.

We use our press releases for the following but not limited to:

1) New discoveries during EradicateHIV research.

2) New updates to old EradicateHIV research results.

3) New findings not wholly related to our research but was made in the course of the research.

4) To highlight or clear misconceptions in the press regrading certain key subjects that are a part of our research directly or indirectly.

5) To redifine or reform an old idea or old research which would have become outdated and the new idea or research proves that the results of the old research are no more valid.

6) Promoting a new idea that has come up, which would tried in due course of our EradicateHIV research.

7) Receiving a request to write on a topic that is related to our research and can be beneficial for the humanity as a whole.

These are just broad subjects, but if we feel a write up has the potential to bring about a change in the society for the better we publish it in our press release. We aim at presenting meaningful news such that it can be shared and if possible implemented over time, such that it brings about betterment of the society as a whole.

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