A cure for HIV, risky. But protection was, is and will always be circumcision

Date Published - 2017-05-31 | Date Modified - 2017-06-24
A cure for HIV, risky. But protection was, is and will always be circumcision, Eradicate HIV, EradicateHIV research, AIDS, Female Circumcision, Male Circumcision, FGM, hoodectomy, clitoral unhooding, labiaplasty.

HIV that was identified more than 30 years ago has already killed more than 50 million people around the world.

A cure for HIV, risky. But protection was, is and will always be circumcision

Today we have a cure for it but it is very risky process but it has been proved successful to completely wipe out HIV from the body of the infected. The process is still undergoing clinical trials to reduce the risks during the process of cure from HIV.

EradicateHIV Research has found a way to eliminate the HIV virus in the bodies of those who are infected with the virus using circumcision and procedure of drugs which are already approved for human use by various medical organisation. This treatment which is very comprehensive and also involves great risk has been found to eradicate HIV from the body of the person infected with HIV.

It has been seen that there are number of drugs that are available for the treatment of HIV none of them are able to cure the person from HIV. Eliminating the HIV grown in the CD4 cell has been a challenge for other researchers and even for EradicateHIV research. But EradicateHIV now have a method to remove the HIV grown in the CD4 cell so effectively that this one time procedure can cure the person completely and the person can live a normal life just like any other person who is not infected by HIV.

EradicateHIV research proves that there is much that has to learned from the process of circumcision that is the key behind this process of cure. Circumcision when done in HIV positive patients, is seen to stop the cycle of HIV infection. This the same result that is given by many drugs but with lots of side effects. Circumcision has no side effects. It is seen that the CD4 cell count is stablized after circumcision.

Circumcision stops the entry of the virions of HIV into the body by allowing the development of the underdeveloped head of the penis in men and the underdeveloped clitoris in female. After circumcision the developed head of the penis and the developed clitoris gets the protection of a skin, which stops the entry of the virions of HIV just as the skin protects every other part of the human body.

Circumcision prevents the virions of HIV from reaching our immune system especially the CD4 cells. Making circumcision an ideal vaccination against HIV. Thus it would be ideal to say that the foundation for the eradication of HIV has been laid. And today we have the means to completely eradicate HIV. In the very near future we will also have a lesser risky treatment method that would be able to eliminate the HIV from those who are infected with the virus.

Each and every person can be cured from HIV and simplicity of the process gives it viablility for a worldwide application in different countries, in different cultures and in different people. Even though circumcision is a old procedure it is only now that we are learning more about it, circumcision is the most advanced method of vaccination that human being can ever think of. It gives protection to the human body from a number of disease including HIV, by shutting down the point of entry of the microorganisms into the human body. No other type of vaccination made by man uses this kind of a technique of protection from diseases.

We have effectively defeated HIV, now it is only a matter of conquering back the bodies of people that have been invaded by HIV. We have made remarkable progress in this direction also and we have people who have been completely cured from HIV. The therapy based on circumcision is very effective but very risky also. The scientific mechanism on which the process of circumcision works has a great impact on those people who can really comprehend this procedure.

When circumcision was implemented worldwide, there was no HIV reported, it is only after the World War II that circumcision was stopped from being on the list of the procedure that was available to the general public that HIV started its quest to conquer human bodies. Today with the understanding and implementation of circumcision people can expect to live a normal life without the fear of HIV.

Circumcision can not only protect the person from HIV but also from the resulting infections of AIDS category disease. So if a person has acquired HIV, he / she should get circumcised immediately so as to prevent the microorganisms of AIDS category diseases and other microorganisms from getting into his / her body.

It is seen that the HIV even infects those people who are healthy and active because the HIV takes advantage of the fact that the person is not circumcised, because only circumcision protects the person from the invasion of the HIV. The HIV patients can get immediate relief by doing circumcision as the cycle of HIV infection is immediately broken and also the invasion of the other microorganisms into the body is stopped immediately.

HIV has many adverse affect on the physical and mental health of the person infected with HIV but now we have circumcision that can be offered to them put an end to their frustration and starting their process towards cure from HIV.

Circumcision puts an end to transfer of HIV by sexual transmission. Now HIV cannot be transmitted sexually because circumcision lets the skin grow on the the head of the penis in male and on the clitoris in female. This development stops the entry of the microorganisms into the body.

HIV does not discirminate between people whether they are rich or poor whether they are men or women whether they are homosexual or hetrosexual. HIV infects everybody. And to think that HIV will infect every other person but not me, others should think about not getting infected from HIV but I am safe, can have serious and adverse effects. This thought has helped HIV in conquering more human bodies. The only thing that stops HIV from entering human body is circumcision, nothing else.

HIV is spreading so fast and so wide that the figures of infection are in millions and the figures of people died with HIV are also in millions and what is disturbing is that millions of people also died without ever knowing that they were suffering from HIV.

A person who is diagnosed of HIV has two options, one is to eat drugs and live a life with the side effects of HIV or get circumcised and live a life without side effects of any drugs. The people making either choices will live long but the person who chooses to live on drugs will have severely impeaded physical and mental capabilities while the person who chooses circumcision will maintain their natural physical and mental capabilities as it remains uneffected by circumcision.

Though the medical drugs are not available to all people and even if it is available only the rich can afford better medication and treatment. But circumcision is available to all and it is more effective than all the drugs and medication and the rich and the poor can undergo the procedure very easily.

Once circumcision is carried the process of transmission of HIV by sexual contact is eliminated completely and it also stops the entry of the virions of HIV into the human body by other means. Circumcision is the best method of prevention and the best method of protection.

Even today only very few people who are infected with HIV are taking drugs to control it, due to the side effects of the drugs and other reasons. But they can take the advantage of circumcision which is as effective as drugs.

The process of stablizing the process of infection from HIV is very important. Currently other researchers are conducting their research with a lot of misinformation and misconceptions. It is only by a thorough study of circumcision that they will be able to obtain anything substantial and helpful that can prevent, protect and even cure HIV. The researchers should search beyond the drugs and medication to find a physical cure, a cure by physical alteration of the body such the body becomes stronger and the weak point in the body is eliminated.

The idea of altering gene of the human body would result in severe side effects as the alternation so made can prevent some of the body functions from happening. The receptor that is targeted for removal or modification is used by the human body for conducting certain body fuction and without the receptor it is not possible for that the particular body function may to be carried out. This can cause severe after effects and even may cause the person lose the stability of his / her body and even pass the same defect across generations. Why would any person risk a whole generation to save a piece of useless skin, the prepuce?

So it can be effectively concluded that circumcision today offers the best prevention, protection for those who are not infected with HIV and a step towards cure for those who are infected with HIV.

A cure for HIV, risky. But protection was, is and will always be circumcision

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