Can a once in a lifetime procedure of circumcision eradicate HIV?

Date Published - 2017-05-28 | Date Modified - 2017-06-24
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A simple one time minor surgical procedure would be the future of protection from HIV - circumcision that has to be done once in a lifetime in both men and women that has the capacity to give 100% protection against HIV.

Can a once in a lifetime procedure of circumcision eradicate HIV?

In all the clinical trials the circumcision that is done once in a lifetime has given far better results than daily tablets and other medications that are used to treat HIV.

Circumcision that was well known to provide 100% protection against HIV, was found to stablise the HIV infection in people infected with HIV. Circumcision was found to stop more CD4 cell from getting infected. It was found to stablise the HIV infection in 100% of the people who underwent circumcision.

Circumcision done in both men and woman help the development of the underdeveloped head of the penis in male and the underdeveloped clitoris in female. These underdeveloped parts are developed only to the level of muscle structure and they do not have a skin over them. Circumcision allows the development of the skin over the underdeveloped head of the penis in male and the underdeveloped clitoris in female making the entry of the virions of HIV into the body impossible. Circumcision gives lifelong protection and does not have any side effect like many drugs and medications.

It is well known that circumcision works as a vaccine in preventing HIV infection, there are many and many successful trials conducted by various researchers that has proved that circumcision gives varying levels of protection from HIV. But EradicateHIV researchers have found that circumcision gives 100% protection and not a single person who have undergone circumcision have contracted HIV. Circumcision is an old concept that can be easily incorportated into the vaccination procedure of children to prevent HIV and other infections as it was done before World War II.

It is roughly estimated that around 50 to 80 million people were killed in the World War II. But in the decision of stopping circumcision for common public after World War II has killed more than 50 million already and is still counting. A small wrong decision made at the end of the World War II has put the whole humanity at war with HIV. And HIV has claimed almost as many lives as World War II. Atleast now the decision makers should realise the error in their decision and put circumcision back into the vaccination charts to stop this war against HIV. Or in no time HIV will claim more lives than World War II and these decision makers will be responsible for it.

Circumcision is so important that many of the animals are born circumcised. And it is well known that animals that are born circumcised like the monkeys are immune to HIV. Thus it can be effectively proved that it is circumcision that has prevented the entry of the virions of HIV into the body of the monkey making it protected from HIV infection.

Today drugs are used to prevent HIV infection but these drugs are found to have severe side effects and they make people physically and mentally decapsitated. Circumcision however, does not have any side effects and gives 100% protection against HIV in a procedure that has to be done only once in a lifetime.

One more disadvantage of the drugs are that they have to be taken daily without any break. But in every human being it is found that it is difficult to keep up the dosage everyday. Missing doses makes the drugs ineffective and makes the person vunarable to HIV infection. However in circumcision there is no such requirement. One can undergo the procedure of circumcision and forget about it and get complete protection from HIV for a life time. There is no need for any drugs or medical treatment to be continued.

The medical world is looking for a treatment that need not be taken daily and circumcision is the ideal solution. There drugs have also controlled the growth of HIV in many patients but they have not eliminated HIV. The HIV is waiting in the bodies of all those people to strike back and possibly it will be transferred in their generations, waiting for the right time to strike back. Circumcision can eliminate this entire process, giving protection from the virus for those who are uninfected and also stablising those who are already infected.

The medication of HIV may not only have controlled the virions of HIV from infecting new cells but have also beaten the test of HIV in detecting the presence of virions in the blood. Since the HIV is not found freely in the blood it is the virions of HIV that is detected as virusload. But the medications have by its composition have interrupted the testing procedure by not being able to detect the virions in the blood. Because it is known to EradicateHIV research that the HIV that grows in the CD4 cells continously releases virions into the blood and other body fluids of HIV infected person.

The medications can only prevent the virions of HIV from infecting new CD4 cells but does not prevent the transfer or transmission by primary or secondry method. This means that virons of HIV continues to be transmitted to the uninfected and also the HIV in the CD4 cell can be transmitted to the uninfected person. But circumcision stops the whole process of transmission by permanently shutting down the point of entry of the virions of HIV into to uninfected body.

The medication have limited protection period while circumcision protects the person for life. The effectiveness of the medication is till the control of HIV but the effectiveness of circumcision is till HIV is eradicated. It has been found time and again that common people have shown their belief in circumcision as a method of protection but it is the medical authories that refute the benefits of circumcision.

There are thousands of researchers that are working towards finding a treatment for HIV and also a cure for the same but seeing the drawbacks of the drugs and other medications it can be easily believed that the once in a lifetime treatment of circumcision would be the one that will be implemented as a method of protection from HIV. The reason for this is that every medical organisation would want a method that will give protection from HIV for several years and circumcision gives protection not just for several years but all through the life of the person undergoing circumcision.

Instead of waiting for new drugs to arrive in the market that will promise longer protection from HIV with more side effects it would be easier for people to undergo circumcision that is available today as a 100% guaranteed protection from HIV.

People waiting for a miracle drug or treatment for HIV will have to wait for long periods even years and by then maybe these people may not be alive to use those methods. But circumcision is available today and all these people can undergo circumcision and avail the benefits of circumcision today.

It is not exactly known as how many people are infected with HIV but rough estimates say that it is 90 million. For a infection of that magnitude circumcision can easily and effectively control the spread and eradicate HIV from the human population.

The World Health organisation has the estimates that nearly 1% of the world poplulation is infected with HIV, this is based on statistical information of those who are suffering from HIV and those who have undergone the tests for HIV. But millions of people are living unaware that they are suffering from HIV. The test of HIV are based on faulty conclusions so are not effective in establishing HIV infection. People are given wrong hopes that drugs can prevent HIV and while using those drugs people get infected. To conclude we can say that circumcision is the only best option that is available for protection from HIV and as the world accepts and implements circumcision we will be eradicating HIV from each and every human being.

Can a once in a lifetime procedure of circumcision eradicate HIV?

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