Clitoral Phimosis - the suffering of a girl

Date Published - 2017-05-24 | Date Modified - 2017-06-24
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What is Clitoral Phimosis?

Your little girl, if she is suffering from pain in the clitoris or swelling in the clitoris then she must be suffering from Phimosis. It is a common condition in female children. It is a minor problem and can be easily corrected by a minor surgical procedure.

Clitoral Phimosis - the suffering of a girl

What is Clitoral Phimosis?

Clitoral Phimosis is a medical condition where the clitoris, the underdeveloped muscle structure that is located above the external genitalia of female, has very limited exposure. It usually happens when the hood of the underdeveloped muscle structure of the clitoris is tight and cannot be retracted in uncircumcised female or unhooded female. The hood is usually tight in the infancy of the baby girl and may remain tight or get tighter as the girl grows up. In case of phimosis the hood remains tight and as time goes on it gets more tighter.

This causes trauma to the underdeveloped clitoris because

1) The underdeveloped muscle structure of the clitoris has no skin to regulate the temperature.

2) Since it is covered by the hood, there is no space for the heat generated by the clitoris to disipitate.

3) The undisipitated heat can cause the underdeveloped surface of the muscle structure to cause blisters.

4) There is continous pressure built up on the clitoris by the tight hood of the clitoris.

5) Since there is no skin to keep the muscle structure of clitoris in shape, it is completely bloached under the pressure of the tight hood of the clitoris.

6) The pressure built up on the clitoris and the bloching out of shape of the clitoris can lead to cracking of the surface of the muscle structure.

7) The blisters and the cracking of the skin can lead to infection on the underdeveloped clitoris. This combined with the presence of microorganisms in under the hood of the clitoris can make the girl very sick as these microorganisms enter her body and cause various disases.

8) The trauma and infection will lead to pain and swelling of the clitoris.

9) The blisters and cracking of the surface will also cause generation of pus and there will be a white or pale yellow smelly discharge from the traumatized clitoris.

10) Clitoral phimosis only worsens with time, it is not corrected as the child grows up. If it is not corrected in the early stages then it will adversely causes diseases even cancer and affect the the physical and mental development of the girl child in the present and also cause sexual activity of the girl child in the future.

What are the symptoms of Phimosis?

Some of the symptoms of Clitoral Phimosis are:

1) The girl child would experience pain in the clitoris expecially when sleeping and playing. It is common for the girl child to usually confuse clitoral pain with stomach pain. In some cases the pain is redirected to other parts of the body.

2) The girl will have a sense of being uncomfortable at all time, the feeling like a person has when wearing a very tight clothes.

3) There would be swelling or infammation of the clitoris. The swelling or inflammation may aggrevate with the frequency of pain in the clitoris.

4) It is possible that there would be discharge from the clitoris, which would have a foul smell.

5) In extreme cases there would be bleeding due to rapture of the tender muscle structure of the underdeveloped clitoris.

6) The pain and other feelings that the child gets keeps the mind of the child always in a state of distress and the child will not be able to concentrate on anything and will end up last in academics or play or whatever she involves herself in. There will be a complete disinterest in everything around her.

Condoms protect nobody, it adversely affects both men and women as it gives both of partners involved in sexual activity a means to allow the of invasion of microorganisms into their respective bodies. The use of condom makes the body fluids of male to reach the clitoris of the female as it is just at the opening of the condom and vise versa. So a condom promotes the passage of the microorganisms from one body to the other as both uncircumcised male and uncircumcised female have the sponge that can absorb body fluids along with microorganisms into their respective bodies.

7) Due to the heavy invasion of the microorganisms through the traumatized, blistered and raptured clitoris the girl will tend to fall sick frequently.

8) The disease and her mental state will also take a toll on her body and physical development, she may become weak and the development of her body may stop completely.

9) It is seen that girls suffering from Clitoral Phimosis tend to become more introvert and their intersocial skill becomes almost negetive.

10) It is also seen that the girl may get fits of anger or become metally disturbed and in some cases become epileptic.

What are the causes of Clitoral Phimosis?

Clitoral Phimosis is genetic. If the mother had clitoral Phimosis, it is very likely that the child will also have clitoral phimosis. It is also common for normal people to give birth to a girl child with phimosis.

How is clitoral phimosis diagnosed?

Clitoral Phimosis is normally diagnosed by physical examination. The doctors can easily identify clitoral phimosis by a physical examination of the clitoris and the hood of the clitoris.

How is clitoral phimosis treated?

Even if Clitoral phimosis shows no pain or discomfort, immediate treatment is necessary. Especially when the hood of the clitoris is tight during the early years. Clitoral Phimosis does not go away in adults or with age. For the treatment of Clitoral phimosis most of the time a minor operation becomes necessary.

In girls the treatment that is usually done is called Female circumcision or hoodectomy or Clitoral unhooding. Female circumcision or hoodectomy or clitoral unhooding is a process in which the hood of the clitoris is removed by surgery. It is a minor scarless operation and the clitoris is left undisturbed. Even in cases of painful or inflamed clitoral phimosis female circumcision gives immediate relief.

Counter to the misconception that Female circumcision affects sexual activity adversely, the truth is the woman gets her first sensation of sexual stimulation only after Female Circumcision. Here are some of the reasons why Female circumcision gives the woman the first sensation of sexual activity not only in woman suffering from Clitoral Phimosis but in any woman who is not circumcisied:

1) In uncircumcised female the underdeveloped muscle structure undergo severe trauma during the process of sexual activity and this trauma results in pain and this pain is interpreted as sexual pleasure by uncircumcised woman.

2) The trauma caused during the sexual activity can cause the very sensitive nerve endings to get temporarily or permanaently damaged blocking all sensations of sexual activity and only the pain will remain making the woman believe that sexual pleasure is the pain itself.

3) Why only pain? Because biological science it is well known that that the smooth muscle tissue like the tissue of the clitoris is not responsive to stimulus. That would mean any touching or other activity during sexual activity is biologically not able to stimulate the muscle of the clitoris. So the truth that in uncircumcised woman what she feels is sexual stimulation is actually the pain caused by touching the exposed muscle structure and not sexual stimulation at all.

4) The uncircumcised, unprotected muscle structure absorbs body fluids during sexual activity and becomes enlarged leading to pain and blouching which severely interferes with the sexual activity but would also be regarded as sexual pleasure by woman.

5) The muscle structure may also get inflammed due to blistering and raptures during the sexual acitivity which causes further pain again misinterpreted as sexual pleasure.

6) The muscle structure that is unprotected by the skin is prone to infections and also known to let the microorganisms enter the body, making the woman sick and unable to involve in sexual activity.

7) In the absense of the skin the clitoris is not able to control the temperature of the muscle structure which may lead to causing of blisters causing further pain which is again misunderstood by woman as sexual simulation.

8) Without the skin the clitoris is unable to maintain its shape and gets bloached during the sexual activity causing pain and raptures which is again considered as sexual stimulation in uncircumcised woman.

9) It is also known in biological science that the sense of touch is a sensation present only on the skin. In the absence of skin all the woman feels is the sense of pain. It is only after circumcision when the muscle is covered with skin that the first sense of touch is felt by the woman.

10) Thus is only after cirumcision, after the skin grows over the muscle structure of the clitoris, that prevents all the misinterpreted sexual pleasures from happening and allows the woman will experience her first real sensation in sexual activity.

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