Eradicate HIV by 2018, You can help, the whole world can help

Date Published - 2017-06-06 | Date Modified - 2017-06-24
Eradicate HIV by 2018, You can help, the whole world can help, Eradicate HIV, EradicateHIV research, AIDS, Female Circumcision, Male Circumcision, FGM, hoodectomy, clitoral unhooding, labiaplasty.

During this week of HIV testing many people have been encouraged to get tested for HIV. Even though the testing equipments are based on wrong conclusions, many people have undergone the testing procedure.

Eradicate HIV by 2018, You can help, the whole world can help

Many of the people tested have been wrongly tested as HIV positive and many of them have been wrongly tested as HIV negetive. Why? Because these tests are based of antibody tests. That is to say that these tests look for antibodies created by the body against HIV. But the human body does not create any kind of antibodies against HIV. Since the HIV grows inside the CD4 cell the human body does not even come in contact with the HIV directly. The body is always unaware of the presence of HIV so how can the human body create antibody against HIV? Now if the test for HIV is based on antibody testing then it is definitely a failure because there is no antibody against HIV in the human body nor will there ever be.

The only thing present in the body fluids of the person infected with HIV are the virions of HIV and their are inactive and immobile and very very difficult to detect. It is known that human body does not create antibodies against inactive and immobile virions, which are just like seeds.

If people really want to check for HIV get a normal blood test if there is a lot of decrease in the CD4 cells in the blood then it could indicate the presence of CD4 cells, but that can be caused by many diseases also. But if there is a corresponding increase in the CD8 cells then there would more than 70% confirmed that the person has acquired HIV infection. 30% would depend on the fact that it is not caused by any other diseases.

With people and organisation encouraging each and everyone to go for HIV testing using the testing methods available is a futile process instead people can go in for a normal blood test.

There are millions of people who are unaware that they have been infected with HIV and it is these people who should under go a blood test to confirm that they are not suffering HIV. Because it is only after getting the exact statistical figure as to how many people are infected that transmission of HIV can be controlled.

With the inaccurate and baseless antibody testing becoming faster and easier, would just mean that more people will be tested negetive when they are actually HIV positive and many negative people will test positive because they may have antibodies for some other diseases in their blood which are counted by the antibody test as antibodies against HIV. But the truth is human body does not make any antibodies against HIV.

By encouraging people to undergo these antibody tests to detect HIV the volunters and organisations are not just making the spread of HIV faster but also would be wasting a lot of HIV medication on people who are not infected by HIV. The people with HIV, when they are declared to be negative will go ahead and infect more people with HIV which would make HIV spread faster. Those people who are HIV negetive when they are tested positive, medication will be wasted on these HIV negative people.

With the increasing number of people living without the knowledge of being HIV positive, this faulty testing procedure will not only encourage the spread of HIV and will work towards increasing the number of HIV infections in the people.

Getting people to get tested for HIV regularly using antibody tests would be really waste of time, energy and resources. The best option will be to get people to do a blood test to confirm presence of HIV infection.

100% of primary HIV infection, that is, infection by the virions of HIV infecting the CD4 cells and HIV growing inside the CD4 cell, happens in uncircumcised people only. Only uncircumcised people have a underdeveloped muscle as the head of the penis without a skin in men and a underdeveloped muscle as the clitoris without a skin in female. This is the place from which the virions of HIV enter the human body.

But after circumcision a skin is grown on the underdeveloped muscle of the head of the penis in male and the underdeveloped muscle of the clitoris in female, which makes the entry of the virions of HIV impossible into the body.

Circumcision makes a human being male and female immune to HIV infection. Just as animals like monkeys who are born circumcised and are found to the immune to HIV.

It is found that statistically the gay or homosexual people are more infected with HIV, this is because since from the beginning of the HIV infection it is targeted towards this group any person who is gay or homosexual puts in efforts to get themselves tested thus finding out that they are infected. But the hetrosexual group are said to have lesser HIV infection, do not take the efforts to go and tested and so statistically the gay and homosexual people have a higher percentage of HIV infection. But the truth is that HIV infection in hetrosexual people will be in millions but these people are not aware that they are infected and are living in the bliss that the rate of HIV infection in hetrosexual people is very low.

The fact is that every person who is uncircumcised has a 100% chance of getting infected with HIV, while every person who is circumcised would become immune to HIV infection.

The people newly diagnosed with HIV should get their blood tests done to confirm the reports of inaccurate antibody tests and should not immediately go on a HIV treatment regime. At the same time those who are tested negative should also undergo a blood test to confirm that they are really HIV negative.

Remember HIV can be stopped at any stage from growing further by just undergoing circumcision. Yes, if you are infected with HIV and your blood test confirms that. Go to your doctor and get circumcised. Circumcision stops the cycle of HIV infection and within a few weeks you will see that your CD4 cells becoming stablized. In HIV infected people circumcision eliminates the cycle of infection of HIV, at the same time it does not let the microorganisms causing AIDS diseases to enter the body through the underdeveloped head of the penis in male and underdeveloped clitoris in female.

Circumcision after getting infected gives the same protection that any drug for HIV is offering as of today by stopping the HIV from infecting more CD4 cells, that too without any drugs and the side effects of drugs.

There are no tests available today that can detect HIV at the early stages because as discussed before the antibody test is a total flop with regard to HIV, only the antigen test and the neucleic test can give some results but that too at a very late stage because it can only detect HIV when the HIV dies inside the cell or when the cell with the HIV dies. There are no tests available that can detect HIV at early stage. All the people diagnosed with HIV are either incorrect or at very late stage.

All uncircumcised people should be tested regularly because in their obsession of keeping the forskin of the head of the penis intact in males and the hood of the clitoris in female they are ready to risk infections like HIV and other sexually transmitted disease.

The argument of the uncircumcised often begins with sexual satisfaction. But without a regular skin the head of the penis in male and the clitoris in female cannot get any sensation or cannot get sexually aroused. Because it the skin that acts as a link between physical touch and transmission of the sensation of touch to the brains. So the foreskin and the hood fails the uncircumcised people in that arguement too. Then comes the argument that there are too many nerves. All the nerves on the hood in female and the foreskin in male respectively acts as a diverter of blood during sexual activity and also sends signals to stop blood supply causing premature loss of erection in males and loss of sexual satisfaction in females. Furthermore the underside of the foreskin and the hood are are filled with glands producing smegma that is absorbed steadly by the underdeveloped head of the penis in male and the underdeveloped clitoris in female into their respective bodies along with the microorganisms present in them not only causing disease but also bad body odour.

Each and every uncircumcised person should be tested because they are the ones who are keeping the HIV alive in human beings. Once all the people get circumcised each and every person will be immune to HIV infection.

In pregnant women, if she or her partner is uncircumcised the baby should be checked for HIV, because the child can acquire it from either partners. Because if the mother is circumcised and the father is not, if the mother is tested she may be negative and the father may have HIV infection. The virions of HIV is continously transferred to the mother during sexual activity and even by close proximity but since the mother is circumcised she will not be infected with HIV but the baby in the womb who is not circumcised and is exposed to the virions of HIV can develop an infection in the womb. It is only after circumcision that the cycle of HIV infection will end in the baby.

As mentioned above a simple blood test can tell any person whether he / she is infected with HIV, there may be some conditions that apply, but it is the only sure and reliable source of testing that can detect in very early stage that there is an HIV infection.

In the same manner circumcision is the best protection available to mankind against HIV. Circumcision has the capacity to make human beings immune to HIV. Even in HIV infected people circumcision is shown to give the same effect as any other drug that are available in the market for HIV, circumcision stops the cycle of infection, stablises the CD4 count and also stops AIDS category disease causing microorganisms from entering the body of the person infected with HIV.

Eradicate HIV by 2018, You can help, the whole world can help

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