Eradicate HIV today, or wait for the bomb of HIV pandemic to explode

Date Published - 2017-05-18 | Date Modified - 2017-06-24
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While experts are searching for treatments for HIV there lies a simple solution for the eradication of HIV - Circumcision.

Eradicate HIV today, or wait for the bomb of HIV pandemic to explode

Using Circumcision as a process of protection and prevention has been available to Human Beings since 3000 years. HIV is a pandemic of global proportions that has infected about half the population of the world. Some of them have realized that they have been infected with HIV but there a lot of people who are unaware that they are infected with HIV. No country in the world has still achieved complete elimination of HIV. But it is found that the prevalence of HIV in Middle East Countries and countries where circumcision is common, is very low. The reason why it is not 100% is that people not undergoing circumcision properly and not removing the prepuce completely or not undergoing Female circumcision with male circumcision.

While in some countries due to not testing or non awareness there is lack of data of those who are infected with HIV.

No country in the world can eliminate HIV with drugs because drugs cannot kill HIV as it is safely covered by the body of the CD4 cell in which it grows. The medication can only kill the virons of HIV only when it activates to enter a new CD4 cell but at the same time it does not affect the inactive and immobile virions of HIV at all. The HIV that is already grown inside the CD4 cell will remain safe and continue to produce virions of HIV and pump it into the human blood and other body fluids. Treatment programes however efficent will fill the human body with chemicals while they can neither prevent, protect, treat nor cure HIV. Even if all the people of a country eat drugs to prevent or treat HIV still HIV cannot be prevented as the virions of HIV will continue to infect the bodies of these people. These virions of HIV have the capacity to create resistance for the drugs that they are exposed to. So the drugs may prevent the virions from invading new CD4 cells but they just need one chance to enter CD4 cells because the HIV that grows after the virion of HIV is exposed to drugs, would have complete resistence to all the drugs that it had been exposed to and the new virions that HIV will produce will also have resistance to all the drugs its parent virion was exposed to. At the time when this happens the HIV patient gets his / her renewed attack of HIV.

Every medical company and organisation claims to be on their way to developing a drug that can protect, control and cure HIV. But we have been hearing that for more than 30 years now. All the drugs that have been discovered have failed. But Circumcision has never failed even once. Even World Health Organisation (WHO) has put its protection capacity against HIV at staggering 60%, while the drugs and other treatment methods are not able to produce even 1% of protection against HIV. The statistics of WHO is with the implementation of partial circumcision ie. circumcision only in men. But circumcision is also reqired for women. Women have similar underdeveloped part just a in men.

In men, circumcision allows the completion of development of the underdeveloped head of the penis while in woman circumcision allows the completion of development of the underdeveloped clitoris. For the eradication of HIV the development of the head of the penis in men and the clitoris in woman is a must. Otherwise the inactive and immobile virions of HIV enters the body through this skinless muscle structure of the head of the penis in male and the clitoris in female and fall directly onto the waiting CD4 cell only to get activated and enter into them to grow into an HIV.

It is estimated that more than 35 million people accross the world may be infected with HIV. But the actual figures will be much more than that. Why? Because most of the people are not aware that they are suffering from HIV due to many reasons.

Firstly HIV shows no symptoms. Neither the body is able to indentify the presence of HIV nor the HIV does anything to get itself identified. The virus does not move about in the blood or body fluids but it can grow into an HIV only inside the CD4 cell. As it grows inside the CD4 cell it releases thousands of very very small virions of HIV into the blood and other body fluids everyday. These virions are cleaned by the natural process of cleaning of the body. But as these virions are washed out of the body they get stuck to the prepuce and reenter the body through the underdeveloped head of the penis in male and the underdeveloped clitoris in female. On reentry the virons of HIV fall directly on CD4 cells then get activated, invades the CD4 cell and grows into an HIV.

Secondly most of the tests of HIV is based on antibodies produced by the body against the HIV virus, but the human body neither indentifies nor comes in contact with the HIV itself to produce any type of antibody against HIV. Human body does not produce any antibody against HIV. The antibodies that these tests detect are those produced by the human body against the AIDS category diseases or other diseases that infect the body after HIV has invaded more than 70% of the CD4 cells of the human body.

The other tests like Antigen test or Nucleic Acid test that can trace some HIV presence like that of dead HIV in the cell or cell dying with HIV or dead virions as they activate and are killed by drugs. But these tests are expensive and are only done as a secondary to the antibody test. These tests can also detect HIV only in the later stages.

Thirdly the virions of the HIV are transmitted by all the body fluids of the HIV positive person including saliva, urine, sweat etc. but since they are not able to reach the CD4 cell they are not able to to infect the new body. Further the virions cannot enter through the skin. But if the HIV infected person sneezes or exposes some other body fluids like saliva or sweat etc. on the underdeveloped head of the penis in male or the underdeveloped clitoris in female there is a posibility of getting infected with HIV even without any sexual contact. It is the underdeveloped head of the penis and the underdeveloped clitoris that allow the virions of HIV to reach the CD4 cells and grow into HIV.

Fourthly the virions are continously developed in the people who are infected with HIV and these virons are thrown out of their body through all the body fluids. The virons of HIV are seen to survive very harsh conditions. It is possible that the quantity of these virions of HIV become so intense that every person who are not circumcised and is having a underdeveloped head of the penis in male and underdeveloped clitoris in female starts getting infected by just being exposed to them, without any sexual contact or intimacy just by forces of nature get the virions into their body. This is the bomb of HIV pandemic that is mentioned in the title. At that juncture it would be very difficult to control HIV and again Circumcision would be the only solution that would be available then. So why not use it today and eradicate HIV once and for all today.

Organisations like WHO use male circumcision to prevent and protect HIV in underdeveloped countries but does not implement the same in developing and developed countries. There they plan to introduce drugs to protect and prevent HIV but there are no drugs avaiable to do it. So why should they not implement circumcision till the researchers find some drugs so that innocent people do not get infected and die of HIV? A million dollar which only WHO can answer.

Without using circumcision intensively there is no hope of controlling HIV, protection, spread or treatment. The HIV infections will go on increasing and there would be no other way to control it.

All that three decade long search has yeilded is nothing but failed drugs and medications with heavy side effects. The circumcision process is completely natural and without any side effects. And circumcision can be used today as an effective protection and prevention method.

Using drugs as a method of treatment only makes the HIV go underground and not to be seen in the tests but it will be transferred from generation to generation and the drugs that you are eating today will have to be continued by your children in the endless chain of protection by drugs. And all the side effects of those drugs you have to bear today will be borne by all your generations to come. Are you ready to put your children through the same fear and uncerternity of getting infected by HIV? If you see the claims of those drugs, by the drug manufacturers, they offer 0% assurance of protection, preventation or treatment, let alone cure from HIV. While circumcision gives guaranteed protection against HIV as it completes the development of the underdeveloped head of the penis in male and underdeveloped clitoris in female. A once in a lifetime process to keep you and your future generations safe from HIV.

The new studies may find a decrease in the number of HIV infections because with the drugs in the body the tests will also not be able to detect the antigens, in the antigen or neucleic acid tests. As said before it is pointless to test for antibodies for HIV.

So even if people are infected it will not show up in the tests and in their bodies the drugs will also prevent the virions of HIV from invading new CD4 cell but they will be HIV postive and so will be their family and children.

Why would any sensable person go through to so much risk to protect a useless small tissue on his or her body? This tissue the prepuce, the foreskin of the underdeveloped head of the penis in male and the hood of the underdeveloped clitoris in female has no nerve endings and are only filled with glands giving out smegma to lubricate the friction between the foreskin and the underdeveloped head of the penis in male and the hood and the underdeveloped clitoris in female.

No countries in the world have achieved any success in preventing HIV infection other than those countries that are practicing circumcision. All the other countries have done is to make the HIV hide under the effect of the drugs, such that they can activate and spread at any time.

If any country claims that it has eliminated HIV by treatment then it just bidding against time when the HIV will hit back and then that country may lose their sons and daughters to HIV, just for saving a small piece of useless skin on the body, by not doing circumcision.

On the paper the great results shown of success achieved by treatment may look great but the fact is HIV is thriving and is continuing it infection process and it becoming more and more unstopable.

The truth is that treatment makes people more infectious. The people think that they are safe from HIV and would involve in sexual activity, unwitting transferring the virions of HIV that are continously made in the infected body to the uninfected body, and the cycle will go on. When there would an unfortunate break in the treatment due to whatever reasons the HIV with attack with renewed strength.

Now this new HIV that is grown from the virons exposed to the drugs will have resistance to those drugs and the new virions of HIV will also have same resistance. Now to become protected the HIV patient will have to take a higher dose or completely new drug. Thats how demeaning effect a break in the drug treatment would cause.

Do you think it is possible that millions of people take their dosage of drugs each and every day without a break? It is impossible, there is bound to be breaks in the intake of drugs and just one break is enough for the HIV to get activated again. At the same time circumcision is just a once in a lifetime process, do it once and forget about HIV for all your life. Which is easier, it is upto you to decide?

It should also be noted that the findings put up by the medical companies are based on cohort studies and not based on actual data. The actual data would be very different than the cohort studies and mostly will be in favor of HIV infection.

Also concentrating on the behaviour of a particular group of people with particular characterists or a particular behavior of people for test purposes will not be ideal to get the idea of the how the drug would react in people having different behaviors and different characterists.

If any group is showing a reduction in the infection of HIV it does not mean that the virions of HIV are not transmitted to the new body. The virions of HIV are inactive and immobile and they are transmitted from the body of the infected to the uninfected by every interaction of body fluids that takes place between them.

The drugs are just making the HIV from showing in the tests but it is still thriving, transmitting and hiding waiting for the right opportunty to strike back. A moment of complacancy and the HIV will be back with all its strength and all the claims of success that is seen in the tests will become questionable.

Studies that show rediculously small number of HIV infections are mostly madeup figures to increase the sale of their medications by the medical companies.

The ideal way to deal with HIV patients is to quarantine them and treat them till the time they stop throwing out virions of HIV out of their body. But quarantining millions of people is not only impossible but also would involve heavy use of time and resources. So the best way would be to implement circumcision which will not only protect the uninfected but also slow down the infection process in those who are infected.

Almost all the predications that were given by the medical companies when they come up with drugs have been proven wrong and the few that are remaining are also being in the process of being proven wrong.

At the same time circumcision has always passed all its studies, in different areas, in different continents, in different types of people and has always been successful. So much successful that the medical organisations completely stopped further studies in that direction with the fear that circumcision will be widly implemented if these successful results become known to general public. This would mean huge loses to medical firms that are busy investing huge funds to search for a treatment for HIV.

By giving extensive treatment or by giving free treatment with drugs the governments of countries are not only harming the immune system of the people of their country but also are making the next generation unfit physically and mentally to serve their countries. Just imagine going through so much expenses, losing the efficiency of the people of their country and much more just to save a piece of useless skin.

It is always said that the people most infected by HIV are living in the sub-Saharan Africa, but they also have an advantage on their side. They have circumcision. There circumcision is implemented widely. It would not be surprising in the future that these same people would turn out to be able to survive HIV better than any other country in the world because of circumcision.

But if drugs are introduced in this region then they would be no better than any other country in the world that is fighting HIV without circumcision.

Though the developing and developed countries have good resources and also has the money and people to put in their efforts to distrubute and implement the drug treatment, all those use of resouces will result in a generation that will not be any use to the progress of the nation. There physical and mental capacity will be seriously deminished due to the side effects of the drugs.

But the target of eradication of HIV can be easily achieved by the natural, effective and economic process of circumcision which has no side effects and will keep the present and the future generations safe, by developing the underdevoped head of the penis in male and the underdeveloped clitoris in female whereby preventing the entry of the virions of HIV into the human body to start the cycle of HIV infection.

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