HIV thrives as Circumcision continues to be an anti-medical procedure

Date Published - 2017-05-15 | Date Modified - 2017-06-24
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More than 30 years ago when HIV was first identified, we had very less information about the virus. It was known at that time that the virus can attack the various organs of the body, cause severe damage to the various systems in the body and also affect the brain. There was a lot of interest shown by the medical companies and the medical organisations to search for a process of treatment and cure from HIV. Those who are infected with the disease, those who were not infected with the disease were both interested in HIV.

HIV thrives as Circumcision continues to be an anti-medical procedure

After more than thirty years we are still searching for a treatment and cure. The only difference is that now people do not die of HIV or AIDS but live a life of suffering with severe side effects of the drugs used to control the spread of HIV. People living with HIV are now able to live longer lives with the help of drugs but HIV itself is sprewing more and more virions of HIV from the bodies of these infected people.

The more and more people infected with HIV, have the ability to make more and more virions and release them into the open. Virions of HIV have the capacity to survive harsh conditions. These virions of HIV reenter the body of the HIV positive to infect the CD4 cell through the prepuce but are unable to do so as they get killed when they activate to invade the CD4 cell by the medication present in the system of the person.

But these virions are released in all the items used by the HIV person, the house of the person and even place where the person work and even has the person travels. With so much virions given out, it would be a great concern if these inactive and immobile virions of HIV infect some unsuspected person through his or her prepuce, the underdeveloped head of the penis or underdeveloped clitoris, without even having sexual activity. Infection can arise from commonly used places and items of HIV patients and common public which can access the uncircumcised underdeveloped head of the penis in male and the uncircumcised and underdeveloped clitoris in female.

The number of people infected by HIV is increasing, so are more people infected with AIDS category diseases and so are people dying AIDS category diseases and other diseases developed due to HIV. The medicines are able to stop HIV from invading CD4 cells but are not able to control the production and release of virions of HIV by HIV from inside CD4 cells.

A proper system of diagnosis of HIV has still not been developed and people without HIV infection has been made HIV positive and given drugs while the people with HIV are finding it difficutlt to prove that they have HIV as the tests give mixed and wrong results. Even after 3 decades, we still have no proper diagnosis, no proper treatment, no cure. There are claims of treatment and cure from various individuals and private organisation but most of them have not been able to prove the effectiveness of their drugs and treatment.

The HIV patient recieves no kind of proper care and treatment and there is no cure in sight. From time to time the medical companies come up with great innovations which tend to fail within a short period of time and those who are infected are left to get medication from the quacks and other people who claim they have a cure for HIV.

It is definitely the antiretroviral drugs theraphy that has proved effective in what the medical companies say, reducing the viral load and maintain blood cells, but it is the ability of the drugs to kill the virions of HIV as they develop to invade a CD4 cell that has given antiretroviral drugs its success. Antiretroviral drugs keep the HIV positive person alive on drugs. But these drugs are known to have severe side effects and the person taking these drugs are severely affected mentally and physically.

Most of the countries who have accepted antiretroviral drugs are showing signs that HIV can be treated as a lifelong disease like diabetes. But the side effects of the drugs and the continous release of virions of HIV is a cause of severe concern, which can grow into a big epidemic any time. The sufferings of the HIV patients is known to all and now the HIV is poised to take on the uninfected population, due to lack of clear understanding in the lifecycle of HIV.

It would require lot of courage to accept that the lifecycle of HIV is not as it was projected till now. If people are scared that HIV would start infecting even without involving in sexual activity as the sheer number of virions of HIV can cause the infection by the natural forces making them get to the underdeveloped prepuce in both male and female. The underdeveloped head of the penis in male and the underdeveloped clitoris in female. Common people are dying even the stars are dying but these same people are not accepting the fact that a simple circumcision in both male and female can stop HIV completely. Circumcision allows the development of the underdeveloped head of the penis in male and the underdeveloped clitoris in female. These two parts are underdeveloped because there is no development of skin on these two parts and microorganisms can just drop into the body through these parts.

WHO itself recognises that circumcision reduces risk of HIV infection by 60% that too with only male circumcision (Because even after male circumcision the virions of HIV can enter the female body through the underdeveloped clitoris) but still it does not implement circumcision in general population, instead all the research in this direction has been stopped and all the funds are diverted to finding protection with drugs. Why is there the necessity to violate the human body when a simple chip of the skin can protect from HIV? Circumcision protects from HIV as it allows the completion of the growth of the head of the penis in male and the clitoris in female.

The diverse nature of the microorganisms that are infecting the human body through these underdeveloped head of the penis in male and the underdeveloped clitoris in female are increasing day by day as human beings get exposed to new environments and conditions. But the medical institution are not treating circumcision as a part of medical science instead it has been branded as a religious requirement. This ignorant and distasteful categorisation of circumcision has led to the non acceptance of circumcision as the best protection against HIV and similar diseases. This is an alarming stance that has lead to the suffering and death of many near and dear once of poor and rich. But still the medical institutions are adamant and stuck to their categorisation, without even giving a slight thought to humanity.

Further the antiretroviral drugs offer no protection against transmission of HIV, it only kills the virion of HIV as it activates and tries to enter the CD4 cell. But the transmission of virions of HIV takes place and it would just a period of time when the virions by natural forces reach the underdeveloped parts in male and female respectively and infect a CD4 cell. But with circumcision this process can be eliminated completely.

With circumcision given the back seat HIV will be here to stay, with the continous production of virions of HIV, the HIV test fails, the after effects of HIV drugs, the lack of interest in the young about getting protected from HIV, the lack of humanity in the medical organisation to implement the protection that is available and then wait for a new developement instead of making the humanity suffer while it waits for the medical researchers to come up with a proper treatment and cure.

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