Human Body can naturally Eradicate HIV

Date Published - 2017-05-27 | Date Modified - 2017-06-24
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There are many researchers who are doing research in the direction to get our human body to eradicate HIV in a natural way. Even EradicateHIV research is working towards in this direction. And we have achieved quite some success with a medical evaluation of a non medical process that has been previlent, in practice among human beings, but the medical values of the process was not known to human beings. After years of hard work and going through the research done by thousands of researchers EradicateHIV reserach is proud to say that it has evaulated and researched on this procedure and can now prove that it is ideal vaccination against many diseases and even HIV. The procedure is circumcison both male and female circumcision.

Human Body can naturally Eradicate HIV

After performing circumcision the body eliminates the first point of entry of the virons of HIV whereby the process of HIV infection is pinched at the very beginning. This is how the human body can naturally eradicate HIV.

No medicatation is required, no drugs are required, dead or half dead virus has to be inserted into the human body. A small and minor operation both in male and female can eradicate HIV.

How does circumcision protects from HIV infection? Circumcision allows the completion of the development of the head of the penis in male and the clitoris in female. Both these parts are developed only till the level of muscle structure in uncircumcised people. This muscle structure tend to absorb everything that it comes in touch with, so along with other things the virions of HIV are also absorbed by the underdeveloped head of the penis in male and the underdeveloped clitoris in female.

But after circumcision a skin is developed over the the underdeveloped head of the penis in male and the underdeveloped clitoris in female. This skin protects the muscle structure and prevents the entry of microorganisms and virions of HIV just like in any parts of the human body.

Circumcision also attaches the skin with the sensitive nerve endings on the head of the penis in male and the clitoris in female, that respond to sexual arousal, orgasm and even climax and the sense of touch is felt by the circumcised person only and is not experienced by the uncircumcised person.

Before circumcision only the sense of pain is felt by the uncircumcised person as the smooth muscles of the underdeveloped head of the penis in male and the underdeveloped clitoris in female do not respond to stimulus and there is the absence of the skin as a interface to decipter or send signals of touch to the brain. This sense of pain is regarded as sexual arousal in uncircumcised people.

People infected with HIV are reeling with side effects from the drugs and are both physical and mentally decapsitated. But circumcision offers hope for the infected too. It is found by EradicateHIV research that circumcision can break the cycle of infection in the HIV in human beings. What this means that if you are infected with HIV and have a viralload in your body, circumcision will keep the viralload steady and will not let it increase.

Testing for HIV has still not developed to give any accurate figures. The best that can be done is to take a blood test and see if the count of your CD4 cells are normal. If it is then you do not have a HIV infection but if it is down then you should worry a little. It may or may not be a HIV infection because there are many other causes and many other diseases that cause the count of CD4 cells to fall. But it can also be an indication of HIV infection.

The basic test method for HIV is the antibody test, which is based on tracing the antibodies created by the human body against HIV. But the fact is the human body does not make any antibodies against HIV. The human body does not identify the HIV virus. The human body does not come in contact with the HIV virus because it grows inside the CD4 cell and remains protected in the CD4 cell all its life. So this test is useless against HIV but it can trace the antibodies created by AIDS category diseases and other diseases some of them not related to HIV at all. So this test cannot detect HIV but only AIDS and other diseases some of them that are not at all related to HIV.

The antigen and the neucleic test can detect parts of HIV virus but only when the HIV dies inside the CD4 cell or the CD4 cell with the HIV dies. This would happen only in the later stages of infection and even both these tests cannot detect HIV at the early stages of infection.

The HIV infection has no symptoms and the earliest signs of detection is when the body is infected by some other disease and during the process of diagnosis HIV infection is discovered.

Hence the standard blood test is the best method to know if a person is infected with HIV or not. All other test are either unreliable or are too late to evaluate HIV infection.

The viral load test is also impossible in HIV because HIV is not freely found in the blood or other body fluids. It grows only inside the CD4 cells. So if a person has no viral loads of HIV still the person may be infected with HIV. If the viralload test is able to detect the virions in the blood they are not the same as HIV or its copies but virions are just like seeds, completely inactive and immobile, to count the virions of HIV as viral loads would also be gross miscalcalculation of the magnitude of infection.

But it is absolutely possible to prevent the virions of HIV from entering your body by a completely natural process of circumcision which gives the human body the capacity to eradicate HIV naturally.

It is well known that the drugs, medications and other treatments can only control the virions of HIV from infecting new cells but circumcision can stop the virions of HIV from entering the human body there by eradicating the HIV infection once and for all with a once in a lifetime minor medical procedure.

Once a person is infected with HIV and it is proved under some antibody test then it is likely that the person even if he / she has no HIV infection will be proved to be HIV all their lives because the body makes no antibodies against HIV and the antibodies that are detected by the test are of some other disease or infection, but the person will be treated for HIV while the other, real infection may or may not continue to grow but will not be eliminated and the person will always have the antibody of that disease in his / her body.

People should remember that HIV was not previelent before World War II. So what happened after world war II. Circumcision was stopped due to low cash flow in the general public. The religious fanatics were quick to label circumcision as a religious diktat and that it had no benefits.

But as an after-effect of not doing the simple process of circumcision, millions of people have died and the people responsible for their death are all the protesters against circumcision.

If not from human beings these protesters should atleast learn from animals like monkeys who are born circumcised and it is well known that monkeys like all other animals who are born circumcised are immune to HIV. The protestors against circumcision can easily understand how important circumcision is.

It is well known that human beings were again infected by HIV which was acquired by some apes. But that it not a fact. HIV has come back to human beings from some uncircumised tribe in which HIV had survived all these years when the almost the whole world underwent circumcision.

All the drugs that are used for treatment of HIV can only control the virions of HIV from infecting new CD4 cell but they are not able to control the HIV that is hidden in the CD4 cell. Infact the drugs are not even able to reach the HIV, let alone eradicate it.

Circumcision also stops the cycle of HIV infection and no drugs are required to do so. After circumcision the cycle of HIV infection is broken and no more CD4 cells are infected. Thus you can get the same effect by doing circumcision, but without eating harmful drugs with serious side effects.

So it can be rightly concluded that Circumcision can help the human body to naturally eradicate HIV both as a protection and as a treatment.

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