LGBT people can become immune from HIV infection

Date Published - 2017-06-19 | Date Modified - 2017-06-24
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Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people can also undergo circumcision to acquire immunity from HIV infection. Since the time HIV infection began it has been labeled as a disease affecting LGBT people only. More particularly it was named a disease that infected only the gay community.

LGBT people can become immune from HIV infection

LGBT people have become the mainstream of HIV infections. LGBT people have adopted great precaution in getting themselves checked periodically for HIV and also are taking great efforts to protect themselves from HIV. This has further revealed the actual number of people who are infected with HIV. But LGBT people are doing everything in their efforts to stop themselves from getting infected with HIV.

At the same time the hetrosexual people have become very complacent and are not even interested in getting themselves checked for HIV, which has not only resulted in under reporting of HIV cases but also people dying of HIV without knowing the cause of their death, at the same time spreading HIV faster and further into generations.

LGBT people have been closely associated with HIV since the beginning of HIV infection. Since LGBT is the opposite of hetrosexual, LGBT people have often been looked down upon and anyone who is refered to as LGBT is looked upon as an potential HIV victim. Even people questioning their sexual identity and intersex people are included in LGBT, suffered the same plight.

LGBT people came into prominance after the sexual revolution in 1960 approximately the same time when HIV was discovered. LGBT people never gained wide acceptance in any country of the world and were always being looked down upon.

LGBT people form a sexual minority all over the world but they are the ones who have adopted the most advanced way of protection from HIV and are the only ones who undergo constant check ups for detecting HIV.

LGBT people can also benefit from circumcision to get protection from HIV infection. And in the event that they get infected with HIV, they can use circumcision to stop the spread of HIV and also to stablize their CD4 count.

Circumcision gives the same benefits as any drugs for HIV that are available today, but without any side effects. LGBT people should fight for their right to get circumcised to get protection from HIV. Due to disparity of roles during sexual activity, the LGBT people are known to use totally different and unique methods of getting arouzed during sexual activity. However due to the absence of skin on the uncircumcised penis or uncircumcised clitoris they are unable experience any kind of sexual arousal.

The only feeling a uncircumcised LGBT person can feel is pain. The pain caused by the blotched head of the penis or the clitoris. This causes severe trauma to the sensitive nerves in the muscle of the head of the penis and the clitoris respectively. This trauma is regarded as sexual arousal in uncircumcised people.

It is only after circumcision, after the proper growth of skin over the head of the penis or the clitoris that a person can experience sexual arousal. Expecially in the case of LGBT people the method of sexual arousal is very different and unique. But in the absence of proper skin growth, the sexual activities can only give the sense of pain. Because as people have learned in their schools that it is only after the nerve endings in the body and muscles get attached to the skin that they can interrpret the sense of touch. The nerve endings that remain in the muscle tissue cannot interrpret the sense of touch but can only send signals of pain or trauma.

It should also be known to LGBT people that due to their unique ways of getting sexually aroused the underdeveloped head of the penis and the underdeveloped clitoris tend to absorb more body fluids even urine into the body. The microorganisms and virions of HIV also enter the body throught the underdeveloped head of the penis and the underdeveloped clitoris. This is the reason why there is more incidence of HIV in LGBT people.

In LGBT people the HIV infection by the primary method ie. by the virions of HIV invading the CD4 cells is very common. At the same time the unique and different method of sexual arousal often lead to unnatural course of sexual simulation which leads to more stress and trauma to the gential organs cause microscopic or prominent injuries which enable the HIV infection by secondary method ie. transmission of CD4 cell with HIV grown in it, from the infected person to the uninfected person.

Infection by primary method in LGBT people can be completely eliminated by use of circumcision. Circumcision can provide immunity to LGBT people from HIV infection. Now they will have to be careful when involving in sexual activity not to cause trauma so as to create injury to any gential parts. This can ensure complete immunity from HIV infection in LGBT people.

With the US Supreme Court giving equal marriage rights for LGBT people, circumcision can ensure that they live a life without getting infected from HIV and without the fear of HIV infection.

When every LGBT person agrees to get circumcised then one can encompass that LGBT people would be one of those people who would become immune to HIV infection. Even though there are lot of differences between each and every LGBT individual, the stigma of being a potential for HIV infection is common. This thought centers around the theory that HIV infects LGBT people the most.

With the medical organisations strongly against circumcision, the LGBT people can prove to the world that circumcision can eradicate HIV. It can not only give immunity from HIV infection but also can be used for treatment of HIV, in those who are infected with HIV. But undergoing circumcision the LGBT people can remove the stigma of HIV infection attached on them and at the same time prove to the world that circumcision is the best vaccine against HIV which the medical researchers can never replicate with drugs and other medications.

A victory over HIV will give the LGBT people a better and fresh identity not only in the world but also among those who are against LGBT. This victory over HIV will give them a clear dominance over hetrosexual people who might still be suffering from HIV and waiting for the discovery of a drug for the treatment of HIV. The LGBT community will always be remembered as the group of individuals with diverse and distinct beliefs and orientation who has the power in them to come together and defeat one of their worst enemies and the enemy of the whole humanity, HIV.

LGBT people can become immune from HIV infection

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