AIDS/HIV on Top campaign for AIDS / HIV day on 1 December 2017 by PGSPL

AIDS / HIV is a threat to the Right to Health (which is also the theme of UNAIDS for World AIDS 2017). The right to health is denied to human beings by AIDS / HIV. On this AIDS / HIV day 1st December 2017 let each and every person on the internet show their solidarity with those who are suffering from AIDS / HIV and those who are not protected from Human immunodeficiency virus and those who are exposed to HIV.

AIDS/HIV on Top campaign

A person suffering from AIDS / HIV undergoes a very difficult life. The side effects of most of the drugs are enough to make life seem long and difficult.

AIDS / HIV should be placed on the top of the list to be eradicated. With the truth behind AIDS / HIV be brought into the open such that the war against AIDS / HIV can be won.

When people around the world recognise the fact behind AIDS / HIV, that would be the day when the humanity as a whole would stand against the spreading AIDS / HIV. And there would be no one left in the world who would be suffering from AIDS / HIV.

AIDS/HIV on Top - #AIDS/HIVontop

PGSPL would like the world to look at AIDS / HIV standing in front of them, to keep AIDS / HIV on the top of the list of everything.

This AIDS / HIV day the 1st of December 2017 should a day where the whole world, especially every person who has a website on the internet should show their solidarity with the HIV patients.

The life of the people around the world are already impacted by AIDS / HIV. Many people have lost their near and dear ones to AIDS / HIV or are on the verge of losing them. AIDS / HIV is everywhere, it is just that it is hushed up and torturing the minds of the infected.

The end of AIDS / HIV is in front of everybody, but accepting it does not seem so easy. People choose to lose their near and dear ones but not choose the easiest method to protect and cure themselves from AIDS / HIV.

So till the time the light is seen at the end of this long tunnel of AIDS / HIV war, let all people around the world get together for just one day and say together that for this one day each one of us will put AIDS / HIV on top and pledge that this would be the last day when AIDS / HIV day will be commemorated. This day next year in 2018 let us all together eradicate HIV from the face of the earth.

What do a person have to do?

Firstly let people know that people care about those who are suffering or are about to suffer with AIDS / HIV.

This is how that can be done:

Download any of the picture shown below by clicking on it and upload it to the images directory of the website . Then place the 'img' without the 'a href' just above the tag.

AIDS/HIV on top campaign image 100px AIDS/HIV on top campaign image 130px AIDS/HIV on top campaign slant image 100px AIDS/HIV on top campaign slant image 130px AIDS/HIV on top campaign wide image 100px AIDS/HIV on top campaign wide image 130px

Now copy any one of the code given below, either inline style or for external css.

For External Css*

#aids-hiv-on-top {
position: fixed;
top: 0;
right: 0;
padding: 0;
list-style: none;
z-index: 99;}

For Inline Style add to img

style="position: fixed; top: 0; right: 0; padding: 0; list-style: none; z-index: 99;"

*Note: for External CSS add id="aids-hiv-on-top" for img

The image will appear just as can be seen on the top right corner of this page.

The image will now float on the top of the website. Keep that image floating on the website for the whole day on 1st December 2017 and let people know that the care for people suffering from AIDS / HIV is in the heart of every person.

Share this campaign with as many people as possible.

The image and the code that is required for 'AIDS / HIV on top' is given above.

The main messages of AIDS / HIV on top campaign is:

1. The truth regarding AIDS / HIV should be known to common people to stop people from suffering and dying.

2. With regard to protection from AIDS / HIV the rich and the poor should have the right to get the right protection.

3. Male and female should have the right to get the same protection without any discrimination.

4. The underdeveoped parts of both male and female should be allowed to develop completely.

5. Both male and female should be given the right to feel real pleasure and not pain.

6. Education to be provided make protection from HIV a necessity and not an option.

7. The simple and natural technique should be used in a widespread and comprehensive manner.

8. The cleanliness that prevails after the implementation of the technique is the right of every man and woman.

9. It is this cleanliness that gives freedom from Human immunodeficiency virus restricting its access to human body.

10. The people should be given the right to choose between getting protection from AIDS / HIV and living a life of freedom or getting infected with Human immunodeficiency virus and living a life being a slave to the drugs and treatments.

11. Without the option to utilise this right to protection from Human immunodeficiency virus the people cannot prevent AIDS / HIV from infecting them.

12. AIDS / HIV infects people of all sections equally, it is only that the affuent are able to keep it under the wraps when the poor get exposed.

13. It is seen that the people who deny the right of others to get prevention and protection from AIDS / HIV, they and their family also in most cases end up being terminated by AIDS / HIV.

14. People are denied the right to get protection from HIV legally, socially and mentally.

15. Human Rights Organisations and Health Organisations should accept protection from AIDS / HIV as the first human right of every human being and allow the best and natural method available to be performed so as to give access to freedom of life and right to health.

16. By allowing access to this natural method it can be made available to each and every person in the world by instilling acceptability using quality and upto date techniques.

17. The Legal system, health Organisations and other assocations should not interfere with the basic human rights of people and should respect it by protecting this right and also by helping them fulfil their rights, giving them the right to health.

18. Health is the basic human right and all other rights are centered around the right to health.

19. The provision of the right of every person to get protection and cure from AIDS / HIV would be a primary step in ensure that each person has a right to health.

20. Every person can protect themselves from AIDS / HIV, it is the will and the intention of practising the provision of right to health as a basic human right that will make everything possible and ensure that AIDS / HIV is eradicated completely by this day next year 1st December 2018, from the face of the earth.

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